Wrecking Ball Temporary Disabled After Causing Connectivity Issue – Overwatch

The fix is on the way

Overwatch recent update caused a mess causing connectivity issue for many players. All it was due to the cute little hamster riding a ball, the Wrecking Ball. Blizzard officially confirmed the issue was with the Wrecking Ball and disabled for the time being until there is a fix to resolve the connectivity issues completely.

Patch was released on June 18, 2019 featuring some new content and a number of bug fixes. It added Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge and introduced new feature Replays in Overwatch. Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge brings a short story “What You Left Behind” with some special unlockable in-game content like a new epic skin – Medic Baptiste. The Replays feature allows players to watch the latest 10 matches from any vantage point.

Players reported when used the ultimate ability of Wrecking Ball they were knocked out of the matches. Blizzard also in its recent tweet updated about the connectivity issues and assured the issues are tracked down. However there is fix provided yet, it looks the patch caused some major issue with the game.

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