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South Park Challenge: Blogger Got the Highest Level in Wow Classic Killing Boars Only

South Park Challenge

In 2006, an episode of the animated series called South Park dedicated to World of Warcraft was released. It demonstrated how the main characters of the picture, led by Cartman, got level 60 in the famous MMORPG, killing exclusively boars. The author of the YouTube channel DrFive decided to repeat this feat in WoW Classic and successfully coped with the task.

The classic version of World of Warcraft is best suited for the challenge because it was used in the very series of South Park. To get the max level of the character, the blogger killed exclusively low-level boars. To achieve the goal, he had to spend 9 days and 18 hours in the game, killing more than ten thousand of them. The whole path of the challenge can be viewed on the DrFive YouTube channel. He recorded 51 videos of different durations.


Earlier, the streamer with the nickname Ianxplosion also got level 60 in MMORPG killing exclusively boars. However, he coped with the challenge by playing the 7.3.5 version of World of Warcraft. That is, at the time when the WoW: Legion extension was relevant. In the Legion, Blizzard Entertainment developers have introduced scaling of enemy levels in old locations. That is, Ianxplosion killed wild boars, which in progress corresponded to his character.

But DrFive passed the test in the classic version of World of Warcraft, where level scaling is not present. His hero’s level was higher than boar’s level, so he was getting a very little amount of experience. In addition, it was the WoW Classic that was shown at South Park, so DrFive can be called the first person who did the same things as Cartman did.