WoW: Classic Reputation Guide: How to Boost it

WoW: Classic Reputation Leveling

If you are a new WoW Classic player, then you need to familiarize yourself with the reputation system. In the game, you have to not only fight monsters and interact with NPCs but also attack other players. The reputation system will help you not only to contact the WoW world but also to get access to discounts, hidden goods, and other bonuses. We will discuss all these aspects in this WoW: Classic reputation guide.

WoW: Classic Reputation Basics

Reputation changes by completing various tasks or killing certain creatures. Reputation increases when you reach the required number of experience points. If your faction collides with the faction of the enemy, then an increase in reputation on one side will lead to a decrease in reputation on the other. The side you choose determines which races you have to interact with. By the way, you can also increase your reputation by completing everyday quests.

If you want to attack a member of an enemy faction, then you need to open the reputation panel, find the desired faction, and check the Opponent box. After that, you can attack.

Reputation Leveling WoW: Classic

It’s best to start getting the reputation of the nearest major city in which you will be located most. For example, for the Alliance, such a city is Stormwind, and for the Horde it is Orgrimmar.

WoW: Classic Reputation Guide on Levels

Reputation is calculated by the number of points. There is a positive, neutral, and negative reputation. If you have a negative one, then you better stay away from the NPC since you can be attacked.

How to Increase Reputation

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Do daily quests.
  • Put on the tabard of the faction and go through the dungeons, destroying monsters and bosses.
  • Donate wool, silk, and other fabrics.
  • Complete tasks of the Silver Tournament.
  • Perform tasks in certain locations.

These were the basics of World of Warcraft: Classic reputation system, which can be useful for newbies. Adhering to the discussed recommendations, you will be able to buy various secret mounts and much more.