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WoW Character Lookup: How To Search Any Character In World Of Warcraft

WoW Character Lookup: How To Search Any Character In World Of Warcraft

Many players are missing the old classic WoW Armory where you could lookup any character for their info like server, gear, and achievements. But there are still ways to find and lookup info easily. So today we will show the simple way to lookup any character in World of Warcraft easily.

How do I Lookup Character in WoW?

To lookup character in WoW, you need to use the search bar in the official WoW site, where you can find all characters in the game. You also need to note that only the gears and achievements will be visible of the standard WoW. Profile details of WoW Classic characters are not available here. But you can look up the Avatars of WoW Classic Characters to find the gear they are using. And from the URL you can find out the servers they are from.

WoW Character Lookup

When you are on the official WoW site, you will see that you need to put the exact name of the character in the WoW search bar you are looking for. Cause there are many users with similar names in WoW, we recommend using the exact capitalization & spaces are a must, to easily find them. Once you click on the WoW character, a new page will open up. From here, you can lookup their gear, achievements, battle pet slots, mounts, and a lot more details.

We tried to lookup the characters of players in our team and found out many other players with exact same names out there. Seems like we weren’t that creative with our names. Still, this service was pretty easy and straightforward to use. So make sure you type in the name of the character as you see it. This will help you to find them among the pool of hundreds of thousands of players.

That’s everything there is to know about how to lookup a character in WoW. While you are here, make sure to check out our guides on World Of Warcraft & WoW Classic for more hidden secrets like this.