Worms Rumble PS4 & PC Open Beta Available Now

The Worms Rumble open beta weekend has started. You can now download the multiplayer title on PS4 and PC via Steam. In addition, a new trailer is available that introduces the new arena and the battle royale mode.

This weekend you have the opportunity to test Worms Rumble in detail. The latest title of the cult series is playable on PS4 and PC until Monday. This was announced today by the developer studio Team17 and the associated publisher GMT.

PS4 players need a PS Plus membership to participate in the open beta. PC owners only need a free Steam account. The beta version contains a completely new map called Transforming Towers. Here a tower turns into a giant robot worm that destroys parts of the map.

In the game modes, you can choose between Deathmatch and Battle Royale. With the latter, you can choose whether you want to play alone or in a team.

As usual from the series, you have numerous weapons at your disposal with which the worms can shoot each other overhead. This includes the Sheep Launcher, Hammerhead, Sentry Turret, Plasma Blaster, and Rocket Shield. You can also use useful items such as a jetpack.

At the start of the open beta, a developer said the following: “All of us at Team17 have had a lot of fun trying Worms Rumble out behind closed doors, and we’re ready to rumble with other fans in the beta. Whether you’re on PC or PlayStation there’s a lot to see in the beta, including dynamic maps that provide plenty of tactical options for players, not to mention cosmetics to customize your Worm and really make it your own! Get ready, because we’ll be meeting you on the battlefield.

Worms Rumble will be released on December 1st for PS4, PS5, and PC. The trailer released today introduces you to the content in more detail: