World War Z Launch Trailer Out, Releasing on April 16 On PS4, PC And Xbox One

Play Campaign, PvPvZombie, 4 Player COOP, Narrative, etc

World War Z is a brand new action-packed zombie hunting game coming on April 16 on all three platforms. The new trailer reveals a lot about the gameplay, factions, modes, etc and we bring you all the details in this news.

World War Z is an action-packed zombie shooter game inspired by Paramount’s Picture blockbuster movie. The game is powered by Saber’s dynamic Sward Engine that adds hundreds of fast-moving zombies who can attack as one collective herd.

World War Z has six different classes and tons of weapons, explosives, turrets, and traps. There is a full arsenal of deadly weapons to pick from and blow up hundreds of zombies in one shot. The game also features a four-player Co-Op mode where a group of friends can play together with various missions on locations like New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Tokyo.

If you are bored killing Zombies then you can turn into a Player vs. Player vs. Zombies multiplayer mode, a place where everyone wants to hunt you down. The game is available on pre-order, visit WWZGame for more details. Pre-order buyers will get Free Lobo weapon pack that feature three golden weapon skins and dual bladed Lobo space.

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