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World Of Warcraft Classic: How To Change Layers?

Changing layers helps you team with friends and get more mobs to kill or farm. Let's see how to change layers in World of Warcraft Classic.

WoW boasts a huge fanbase which does make the multiplayer servers crowded and overburdened. The issue became so big the developers had to change the sorting method from Sharding to Layering in World of Warcraft Classic . Sharding became a bit patchy and wasn’t enough to handle the number of players. The multiplayer seemed way too crowded which is where Layering came in. Layering puts a set number of people in the same location but different layers. Let’s see how layering works and how to change layers in the WoW Classic.

How To Change Layers In The WoW Classic?

WoW Classic changing layers

The new Layering method makes sure players from different layers can’t see each other. The main aim was to divide the number of players equally but people have been finding ways to jump through layers. One of the best ways to get to another layer is getting your friend to invite you to their layer. The moment you accept their invite you will be transported to their layer and everything will re-spawn as well. You can also invite your friends but this will not change your layer, but indeed change theirs.

Changing layers become important when you want to team up with your friends. If the only motive is to team up anyone can send the invite as you won’t be targeting any specific layer. Changing layers comes in handy if you are farming. You can kill all the mobs at your layer and then accept the invite and kill mobs at their layers as well. A fresh set of mobs spawn when you appear in the new layer. Make sure to take full advantage of this loophole. This also reduces instances where some players have hoarded certain NPC as everyone gets a chance to check everything in the layer.

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