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World Of Stands Tier List (Best Stands) – March 2023

Check out our World Of Stands Tier List to select the best Stand in the game.

If you are looking for the World Of Stands Tier List, then you’re at the right place. In this game inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, you can equip different Stands to get power buffs and abilities. Since the game has many Stands, it is understandable that players may have difficulty choosing the best ones. To help you out, we will rank all Stands in this game from best to worst.

World Of Stands Tier List – Best Stands Ranked (March 2023)

Best Characters in Roblox World Of Stands

Here is our Roblox World of Stands Tier List.

S-Tier Stands

  • Anubis (Common)
  • Sticky Fingers (Rare)
  • Killer Queen (Legendary)
  • Star Platinum (Legendary)

A-Tier Stands

  • Red Hot Chili Pepper (Common)
  • Magician’s Red (Rare)
  • The World (Legendary)

B-Tier Stands

  • Silver Chariot (Rare)
  • Echoes (Common)

C-Tier Stands

  • Weather Report (Rare)

In this tier list, we will rank all the characters in four categories i.e. S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, and C-Tier. Moreover, we’ll also mention their grade to help you understand their rarity. However, the standing does not depend on rarity, but on how strong they were in the game. This list is purely based on our experience and it can change from player to player.

Many of you might be wondering what is Anubis doing in the S-Tier. You get this stand at the start of the game for free but it can be your best Stand because of its Combos. In a PvP battle, Anubis can own the enemy with its multiple combos. However, other stands will have more upgrades so you can give them a shot as well.

This game is still in the early stages and one thing you can be sure about Roblox games are the updates. As new updates are released, more Stands will be added to the roster and we will update them in the list.

That completes our World Of Stands Tier List. While you are here, check out our World Of Stands codes to get free rewards.