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5 Letter Words With AUL In The Middle – Wordle Clue

Here's a list of five letter words that have AUL in between.

Are you searching for a list of 5 Letter Words with AUL in the Middle for Wordle or any other Word game? This article will come in handy. Here’s a compilation of all the five letter words that can be the answer for the day.

5 Letter Words with AUL in the Middle (Word Finder)

five letter words aul middle wordle

Here are the words and their official definitions from the Dictionary.

  • FAULT – responsibility for an accident or misfortune or an unattractive or unsatisfactory feature, especially in a piece of work or in a person’s character.
  • VAULT – a roof in the form of an arch or a series of arches, typical of churches and other large, formal buildings. Also, a large room or chamber is used for storage, especially an underground one.
  • SAULT – a waterfall or rapid.
  • GAULT – a heavy thick clay soil
  • CAULK – a waterproof filler and sealant used in building work and repairs.
  • BAULK – hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking.
  • HAULM – a stalk or stem.
  • MIAUL – the sound made by a cat.
  • MAULS – (of an animal) wound (a person or animal) by scratching and tearing.
  • HAULS – (of a person) pull or drag with effort or force.
  • FAULD – a piece below the breastplate, composed of lames and corresponding to the culet in back
  • AULIC – of or relating to a court: courtly
  • CAULS – a woman’s close-fitting indoor headdress or hairnet.
  • CAULD – a dam in a stream; a weir.
  • SAULS – the first king of Israel.
  • SHAUL – a wooden scoop made for winnowing corn.
  • YAULD – Vigorous, strong, healthy.
  • WAULS – to cry or wail plaintively like a cat.

And that’s all there is to it! A few words in the list are too rare to show up in Wordle (HAULM, MIAUL, YAULD, etc.), but they can be helpful if you want to show off your vocabulary in any other word game. Plus, the above list was pretty short, but there are many 5 letter words with many options. If you need more help, check out more lists of 5 letter words right here.