Where to find Wolf of the North in Genshin Impact

Eddy Robert
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There are players who have been having trouble finding Wolf of the North in Genshin Impact and if that is you then look no further as we have a guide on how to find out Wolf of the North’s location in the game.

Notably, The Wold of the North is an area that you will come across when you meet Razor. The Wolf of the North (his official title) or Andrius is one of the Four Winds, protecting Mondstadt. He is very strong and can be very tough for a player to beat him. Whoever defeats the Wolf of the North will get amazing rewards.

Wolf of the North Location in Genshin Impact

The Wolf of the North is situated southwest of Mondstadt, between Dawn Winery and Wolvendom. If you are ready for a fight, you can begin it by activating the word in the middle of the area. Doing so will spawn in Andrius, Dominator of Wolves.

Currently, defeating The Wolf of the North is one of the most difficult challenges in Genshin Impact. It could be a fight where you actually realize how important is to have a healer for your composition team. You will be going through a lot to keep your team alive.

There are characters such as Barbara, Noelle, or Qiqi who are considered as the best options for healers. Make sure to select Diluc and Fischl as they cause heavy damage in this fight. And don’t forget to pick Geo users as they provide good shields, helping you in the fight if you can’t telegraph the moves.

There are two phases to the fight and the second phase activates at 50 % health. In order to avoid the claw attack, taking back foot in the second phase is highly recommended. Besides this, avoid standing on the ice, because it causes a lot of damage. Find out icicles and charge attacks, which you will have to dodge with perfect timing. Apart from this, the burst DPS will complete the job.

For the unversed, The Wolf of the North resets every week, so you will only be able to kill it once in a week. If you want a recommendation from us, we will recommend you to wait until you reach level 30 to fight this boss, as that increases your odds of high-quality loot.

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