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Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide

Everything You Must Know

If you are new to Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem and wondering what to do then here is a beginngers guide that will help you to learn everything about the game. In this Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem, beginners guide you can learn basic tips on combat, game elements and what really is this amazing ARPG game. Being an ARPG game Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem is loaded with many things, those who had played MMORPG knows the mechanism, but those who are new are trying this genre after a long time will get confused easily. I am going to all answers to many basic questions about Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem, for example, what are classes, how to get money, combat skills, pc settings customizations and lot more. So let’s begin with Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem beginners guide.


Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Beginners Tips and Tricks

Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem brings an interesting fantasy world into a reality. Based on hack and slash mechanism you play the Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem a hero who is not restricted to a class or customization. It gives you options to switch your playstyle, attack skill to a weapon and use it well against enemies. With high-quality graphics, Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem is worth to try the game.

What is Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

You play as a soldier who turned rogue due to some reason and developed magical powers. Running from the authorities he has to fight with both humans and monsters to find the secret of famine and diseases destroying the city. The character you play is one of the three survivors of the slaughter of Castagath. Joined the Republic’s Army of the Purifiers at a young age you are trained in the military academy to fight against the supernatural. Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem brings amazing graphics, with deep customization you will enjoy hours of pure RPG gameplay mechanics like never before.

Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Important Game Settings for PC

There are some important Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem game settings that you must turn on. Below is a list of options. Open Settings and click on Gameplay Settings from the left. Enable the following options.

  1. Show Damage – Helps you to see how much damage you can inflict with every attack.
  2. Show Critical Damage – Help you to identify the critical points where you can increase damage.
  3. Auto Attack – Hold Left Mouse Click and just hover your mouse cursor over the enemy to command your character to attack. A very useful feature you cannot ignore in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem.
  4. Display Health & Resouce Values – On the bottom bar you will be able to see numerical values for health bar and resources. It will help you to figure out which damage can cause high health like poison. And how much resources you have left or you can grab for an activity like breaking objects.
  5. Auto Equip Potions – A useful option that will save your time to equip potions required during the battle.
  6. Auto Equip Armor – Another useful option to add armor automatically when you are able to unlock one.
  7. Show Item Level – You can see the item level on the equipment, a pretty useful option that will allow you to choose which items to sell or which to keep.

Which is the best class in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem does not restrict you inside a class, instead, it has three types of playstyle allowing you to choose one or to switch between them whenever you want. Compared to other games, Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem does not restrict your character into one single class and limit you the weapon or gears. Instead, if you are using a Ranged weapon you can use all skills under the Ranged category. The same is applicable to Magic and Melee. Among the three playstyles Ranged vs. Melee vs. Magic you can choose whichever you want. You can always build a hybrid character where you can use two skills of different classes together based on the weapons you picked. So here you can use a combination of Melee and Magic, all you need is to pick the weapons associated with the class.

What are Skills in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

If you visit the skills section of Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem, you might get confused at the start. There are over 40 skills and 16 modifiers for every skill. You will need points to unlock modifiers. Skills will be unlocked as you progress. Modifies adds an additional bonus to the skill, you can pick on skill and use a modifier to build your own unique set of powers and buffs. Refer to the modifier description to know what additional features it will attach to the skill.  You can also have two duplicates of a single skill. Which means you can use three different versions of a single skill with different modifiers. The only limitation is that if you are using two duplicates of a single skill they will share a common cool down.  Once casted you cannot use the other one instantly.


What are Aspects of Apocalypse in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

Aspects are like turbo mode that turns you into a god for a while giving you super abilities to take down enemies around you. Aspects are very important in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem and you must learn everything about them. The first one you will unlock is Aspects of Apocalypse in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem after completing the first chapter. You will embody an aspect of Primordial beings. One that you will see in an early cutscene where the protagonist transforms into something god type wearing golden armor. To view all the Aspects of Apocalypse in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem press F. The first one is an Aspect of Dawn offering you superpowers.

How to use Aspects of Apocalypse in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

To use Aspects in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem keep killing monsters to fill up the Primoderial Essence. Once it is filled up enough press R to transform. Primordial Essence also depletes when you use skills or when you are taking hits. So it is a task to fill up the complete Primordial Essence in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem. After filling it up just press R and you will embody the power of gods. The best time to use Aspects is when you are surrounded, do not waste it.


How to unlock new skills in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

Skills in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem are called as Enneract. For example Enneract: Winters Grasp or Enneract: Warpath. You will also see the skill tag attached to each, like Attack, Projectile, Rogue or Device. Based on the tags it is easier to understand what are the core attributes of these skills are. Skills in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem will be unlocked as you level up. You can earn Enneract in Skills in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem by killing and looting enemies, scanning treasure chest and you can buy it from some NPC’s characters also. One of the best practice is not using Enneract and using it only for skills.

How to farm Gold in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

Look for breakable items, like crates. They are scattered around every corner in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem. This is where you can find a lot of money and gold for free. It is always good to keep collecting as you proceed to your next objective. There are many breakable things in the game like boxes, crates, wooden barrels, pots, etc. Just walk near them and break it to get free gold and money in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem.  Another way to farm a lot of Gold in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem is by following the golden ladybug icon on the map. You will have to deal with enemies surrounding it, defeat it and attack the golden ladybug. Try focusing on the ladybug first or else if it runs far it will disappear. This will fill your pocket.

Always organize your inventory items in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

You might get overwhelmed with too many things in your inventory, it is necessary to arrange them and keep which is required. Sell which are not, but it is also necessary to identify which weapons or items are important in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem. When your inventory is full you can do two things, you can either sell them or you can discard it. It is best to sell it off to grab some money, or else if you think the item you have is not good enough just discard it. You can drag and arrange the position of the item in your inventory. Keep the best ones on the top sorted in the form of items, weapons, etc. Visit the Town portal regularly. You can return back to your last position using Fast Travel. 

How to save game progress in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

Save your game progress so that you don’t have to repeat things. There is a manual save options available in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem. To know more check our guide on how to save the game manually in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem.

Why it is important to find the Unique Merchant in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

You will find a Unique Merchant during the campaign, who carries a rare quality gear and unique equipment, weapon or gear. It is highly important to find the Unique Merchant in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem. To find one you will have to explore items sign on the mini-map. Like a treasure chest or a pouch icon. Just follow that and you will be able to find a unique merchant. Find enough gold before finding the merchant, he sells costly items.

Can I reset my Attributes and Skills in Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem?

Yes, you reset anything in the game. But everything comes with a cost. To Reset Attributes you will have to pay with gold while skills can be reset using Primordial Affinity.

Stay tuned for more updates on Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem.