Wo Long: How To Get More Wizardry Spell Phase Points

Here's a guide on how to get more Wizardry Spell Phase points in Wo Long.

Team Ninja’s latest Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is finally out. The new souls-like takes place in second-century China, a land ravaged by chaos. The game also has a deep magic system called Wizardry that can be used to deadly effect. But learning new spells requires you to use Wizardry Spell Phase Points. Let’s take a look at how to get more Wizardry Spell Phase Points in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How to Get More Wizardry Spell Phase Points in Wo Long

wizardry spell phase points wo long

All you need to do to earn more Wizardry Spell Phase Points is level up your character. Every 5 levels should net you 1-2 Wizardry Spell Phase Points. These can be used to learn spells from the 5 skill trees. But just learning the spell isn’t enough, players will need to invest their experience points in the five virtues in order to successfully perform the spell. You can only perform a spell in any of the five virtue trees if you have the required level for the spell. As an example, if you want to cast Lighting Bolt from the Wood Phase Spell tree, you’ll need to have a level 1 or above to cast it.

Another important requirement to spell casting is your Morale Rank. Your Morale Rank is increased by gaining Morale points that are earned by beating enemies. Each spell has a certain Morale Rank attached to it. Players need to be at the required Morale Rank of the spell to cast it. A great way to increase your Morale Rank is by using Martial Arts attacks in combat or fighting enemies with a higher Morale Rank.

That’s all there is to getting more Wizardry Spell Phase Points in Wo Long. Check out our guide on How to get Genuine Qi and other Wo Long guides here on Gamer Tweak.