Witcher 3 White Gull: How To Brew It?

Where to find the recipe and ingredients to brew the White Gull formula.

You need specific ingredients to brew the White Gull in Witcher 3 but what are those? Many players are curious to know more about it which is why we’ve created this guide. White Gull in Witcher 3 can be used as a potion base or you can even drink it as a beverage. So, here’s everything you need to know about how to find ingredients for the White Gull potion.

White Gull in Witcher 3: How To Get Recipe & Ingredients?

how to get white gull witcher 3

You will need the recipe for White Gull first but the unfortunate thing is that you cannot find the diagram in a particular location. If there were an option to simply purchase it or find it in a certain place then things would be much easier but it is actually a random occurrence. You can either find the White Gull recipe in a treasure chest, as a reward in the game or at an alchemist. This is why you have to make sure to explore as much as you can.

Try heading to Tomira in White Orchard and the Herbalist in the same region. There’s also Keira Metz who will be in Midcopse. But if not, then you may get it as a reward when you have completed any quest or you could find it from a chest randomly.

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Where to Buy White Gull Ingredients?

ingredients to brew white gull

After getting your hands on the recipe, you will have to find all the ingredients required to brew White Gull in Witcher 3. They are:

  • Arenaria – You can buy it from an alchemist.
  • Mandrake Cordial & Cherry Cordial – To get Mandrake Cordial and Cherry Cordial, you have to purchase it from an innkeeper like Stjepan located in Oxenfurt. Head to the Inn at the Crossroads and Crow’s Perch where you will find NPCs selling these items.
  • Empty bottle – Similar to Arenaria, you can purchase this item from an alchemist.
  • Redanian Herbal – You can buy this ingredient from an innkeeper.

So that’s everything you need to know about the White Gull Witcher 3 recipe and where to find the ingredients for this alchemy formula.