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Witcher 3 On Switch Delivers Stable 30fps – Graphics Test Video

Is 30fps enough?

Gerald is coming to Switch tomorrow and thanks to Pixelacos Gameplays who shared a video on the gameplay where 30fps seems a reality. The game is releasing on 15th October 2019 on eShop and a 30fps will be good news for many who are waiting to journey the mystical world of magic and adventure.

Pixelacos Gameplays tested Witcher 3 Switch edition on docked mode revealing the game is able to maintain a smooth 30fps on the big screen. FPS did fall but got stabilized fast enough before anyone noticed. Some areas of the game require more resources that impacts the fps, but it does really make things look worse.


A short 2.48 minutes video does not look enough to judge the actual output where players will be spending hours in The Witcher 3. This where some areas, certain scenes or fights will consume more power dropping fps. The video revealed a smoother and crips gameplay, after getting an obstacle where the scene halts instantly a shortfall is noticed, later the fps is restored back to 30.

This video is enough to explain how smooth Witcher 3 will be on Nintendo Switch if the fps is maintained.