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Wisteria 2 Breathing Tier List (2023)

There are 4 different breathing styles in Wisteria 2. These are Flame, Wind, Thunder, and Water. Check out this Tier List to find out which is the best from them all.

Out of the 4 Breathing styles in Wisteria 2, players aren’t sure which one is the strongest. The game is also about to add 2 more styles in upcoming updates. And each style has multiple moves for you to use. So a Tier List of the best breathing styles for Wisteria 2 should help many players out. Below you can find the complete list and all their rankings explained.

All Breathing Styles Ranked in Tier List for Wisteria 2

wisteria 2 breathing tier list

Breathing Style Tier
Flame S Tier
Water A Tier
Thunder B Tier
Wind B Tier
Sun Upcoming Styles
Moon Upcoming Styles

Breathing Tiers Explained

The breathing styles in the S Tier are the best. A Tier breathing styles are fairly strong and almost on par to some extent with the ones in the S Tier. Meanwhile, B Tier breathing styles are passable.

S Tier

flame breathing

In S Tier we have the Flame breathing style. The biggest reason for it to be here is that it has 5 moves in the game. Half of the other styles not including Sun and Moon (which are currently being made) have only 4 moves. So this breathing style already gives you something more when compared to others. The moves that you get with this style are:

  • Unknowing Fire
  • Rising Scorching Sun
  • Blooming Flame Undulation
  • Blazing Universe
  • Flame Tiger

A Tier

water breathing

For our A Tier breathing style, we have Water. Just like the Flame style, Water too has 5 different moves for you to use. It is the next best technique that you can learn in this game. Here you can learn powerful moves like:

  • Water Surface Slash
  • Water Wheel
  • Flowing Dance
  • Water Fall Basin
  • Splashing Water Flow

B Tier

thunder breathing

There are 2 breathing styles here.

  • Thunder: Arguably one of the coolest breathing styles in the game. It also has the best-looking attack animations. But unlike the above styles, with Thunder you only get 4 moves and these are:
    • Thunderclap and Flash
    • Rice Spirit
    • Buzzing Thunder
    • Heat Lightning
  • Wind: The wind style is similar to the Thunder style when it comes to the number of moves it has.
      • Dust Whirlwind Cutter
      • Claws-Purifying Wind
      • Rising Dust Storm
      • Black Wind Mountain Mist
    • Its moves are fairly powerful. But not as strong as the ones in S and A Tiers.

Upcoming Styles

These two breathing styles are yet to be added to the game and they are still WIPs. So once the developers do finish bringing them to the game, there is equal potential for them to be either S-Tier or C-Tier breathing styles.

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