All New World Winter Wanderer Village Locations

Read this guide to find locations of all Winter Wanderer villages.

The arrival of the New World Winter Convergence Festival for the Winter Wanderer Yeti has brought with it the need to know the locations of each village. This is because you will need to head over to these villages in order to get rewards. These rewards include the likes of free skins, armor, emotes, consumables, and much more. With the festival making its way to Aeternum, a lot of players are scrambling to learn the locations of all the Winter Villages. If you too are one of these players, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you the locations of each of these villages.

New World Winter Village Locations – Winter Wanderer Festival

Eastern Everfall Winter Village Location

The best landmark for this particular village in New World is the Bearclaw Spirit Shrine. Once you find this shrine in the game, you will notice that the Eastern Everfall Village is quite close by.

Southern Monarch’s Bluffs

The Southern Monarch’s Bluffs Winter Village location in New World is close to the Dreadscythe Spirit Shrine. Once you reach this shrine, you will find that the village is quite close by.

Northern Weaver’s Fen

Head to Mallory’s Refuge Spirit Shrine. Once you do so, the Northern Weaver’s Fen Village is in close proximity.

Western Brightwood

This village is close to Fort Alazar (also known as Wolfbough). Upon getting to this fort, you will find the Western Brightwood Winter Village in close proximity.


So there you have it. These are the locations of all the New World Winter Villages. As you can see, you can use these locations to quickly get to the said villages. Doing so will give you amazing rewards that you do not want to miss! Once in these villages, you can head over to the Winter Convergence Festival Shop and use Winter Tokens to buy items.

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