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How To Use The Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

Learn how to use the Wingsuit in Battlefield 2042 from this guide.

Battlefield 2042 is here and has come with a bang. The game offers a huge plethora of gadgets, items, vehicles, and many more to deal with your enemies & secure objective points. One such gadget is the Wingsuit. The Wingsuit allows you to glide around the map giving you an advantage over infantries. In today’s guide, I will show you how to use the Wingsuit in Battlefield 2042.

How to Use the Wingsuit in Battlefield 2042

wingsuit battlefield 2042

The Wingsuit is an ability in Battlefield 2042 that allows the user to glide over the map. This mobility has increased movement speed so the player can cover a lot of ground. Wingsuits can be used infinitely in Battlefield 2042 as long as the player is at a sufficient elevation. Although, there is a limitation. The Wingsuit is only usable by the Sundance Specialist. Her Ability, Wingsuit Operator, allows her to deploy the wingsuit instead of a parachute. This ability is only available to her while the rest of the specialists will only deploy a parachute.

To use a Wingsuit, all you have to do is to get to an area of high elevation and jump off. There will be a prompt on the screen to deploy the Wingsuit. Depending on what gaming system you are using to play Battlefield 2042, the buttons will be different. Once you are in the air, you can maneuver your wingsuit with the default flight controls. To land, go near the ground and press the Undeploy button. This will cancel your Wingsuit and you will be able to land. You can also land without canceling the Wingsuit but it is risky and only advisable at low speeds. The Wingsuit is one of the best abilities as it gives more movement speed and allows the player to travel behind enemy lines undetected. The elevation requirement is not even that bad as a jump from a shack-high jump can allow you to deploy the Wingsuit in Battlefield 2042. At first, it will be difficult but with enough practice gliding with the Wingsuit will be easy.

This ability alone has made Sundance a very strong Specialist and coupled with her grenades she is just too much to handle. This was about how to use a Wingsuit in Battlefield 2042. Hopefully, this guide helped you in mastering the Wingsuit. You can also check our guides on PC Controller not working fix and Weapons & Barrel Attachments not working Fix in Battlefield 2042.