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Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw Quickly In Windbound

Here's how and where to find Gloomharrow Jaw in Windbound

Gloomharrow Jaw in Windbound is an essential item when you’re trying to make an axe but the Gloomharrow isn’t available easily and you will need to search in specific areas. If you want to know where to find Gloomharrow Jaw in Windbound then you should definitely check this out.

Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw In Windbound?

Gloomharrow is a creature in Windbound and you need its jaw to create an axe to help you to harvest wood. Its implications are enormous, and you will need it in the game more than you think you might.

You will come across the need for the Gloomharrow Jaw right from the first chapter of the game, but you won’t encounter the Gloomharrow until much later. This is because you will first need to unlock the recipe for the axe for which you will need to attempt to cut down a dead tree in Windbound.

After unlocking the recipe, you will need the ingredients one of which is the Gloomharrow Jaw. To find the Gloomharrow, you will need to wait until you’ve reached Chapter 3 in the game.

After you’ve here in chapter 3, you will come across a few Gloomharrows in the game, but you will need to explore as much as possible in the game. Make sure that you’re well prepared for the fight and use your bow to hit a couple of headshots if you’re at a distance from the Gloomharrow.

If you’re close to the enemy, use a Bone Spear and it will be extremely effective but beware that the Gloomharrow will disappear after every hit.

Keep finding the Gloomharrow and attack it, make sure to dodge its tongue attack if it is at a distance. The best strategy is to get up close and use the Bone Spear to take the Gloomharrow down.

This is all there is to know about where to find Gloomharrow Jaw in Windbound. Make sure to check out other guides on Windbound right here on Gamer Tweak.