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Windbound Full Blessing List & How to unlock new Blessings?

Blessings are like a reward in Windbound and this guide you can find out how many blessings are there in the game. How to unlock a new one and what they do?

Windbound has two modes Story & Survival, the story is forgiving to an extent while the second mod will put back at the starting point when you die. To proceed some additional powers and buffs are good enough to die for. They come in the form of Blessings in Windbound. I will share all details on what are blessings in Windbound? Complete list of blessings you can unlock and tips to use them.

Windbound List of all blessings & How to unlock new Blessings?


Blessings are rewards that unlock buffs in the game. They will be highly useful for you to progress at different levels. Blessings are locked and comes with different benefits. For example, buff that reduces damage on weapons, or speeds up health and hunger generation. The more unique blessings you can find the more powerful it will be. Unlocking all blessings in WIndbound gives you the freedom to utilize them during the game. It will extend your power giving you the option to level up fast and complete tougher challenges.

How to find or unlock Windbound blessings?

There is a small water sequence at the end of each chapter. A kind of mini-mission where you will be dealing with nature. There can be massive waves, rocks, swarms of jellyfish, sharks. All these are your current challenges with non-stop waves of attack. You have to cross them all to reach at the end to find a platform. This is where you can unlock new blessings in Windbound. But it requires Sea Shards.


Every chapter unlocks two new blessings in the end. You have to complete the water sequence to add them to your inventory. And they only are unlocked via Sea Shards, so do not forget to grab them as much as possible. Once a blessing is unlocked it remains unlocked till the end of the game.

List of all blessings in Windbound?

Here is the list of all blessings you can unlock in Windbound, along with what they do in the game. You can also equip more than one blessings, read the below section for this.


  • Ancestral Sling: Begin with an special sling.
  • Ika’s Barbs: Unlock bleeding effect on weapon. Bleeding slowly deals damage over time.
  • Ancestral Bow: Begin with special blow.
  • Gortl’s Fortitude: Minimum poison effects.
  • Arms of Imakl: Increase the amount of items you can collect on death.
  • Gortl’s Greed: Get more Sea Shards.
  • Second Blessing: Equip Two Blessings.
  • Nekla’s Undying: Regenerate health continuously at a slow rate.
  • Patience of Imakl: Hunger increases at reduced rate.

How to use or equip multiple blessings in Windbound?

Equipping Blessings cost Gem, if you are equipping more than one then you have to pay more. Each one comes with a cost and you can check that by looking at the gem icon under each blessing. When you start playing you can use only one Blessing Slot, but to use multiple you will need to unlock “A Second Boon from God”. If you came across this mission do not forget to play it and unlock an additional slot for the blessing.


Also if you want to move your blessing to the next chapter then use Bestow Altar and you can take it to the next chapter. That’s it about all tips and tricks of using and unlocking Blessings in WIndbound.