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Will There Be A God Of War 6? (Answered)

So, will there really be another God of War game? Check out this guide to know all possible reasons.

After the success of God of War Ragnarok released back in 2022, fans are already looking forward to a sequel. However, toward the end, we see Kratos finally getting his redemption which brought happy tears to his eyes. After all this, is there really a chance for Santa Monica to develop another game in the franchise? If the same question is buzzing inside your head as well, then you have just arrived at the right place. Let us take a look at all the possible reasons for the release of the God of War 6.

Reasons Why Sony can Release God of War 6

Will There Be Another God of War Game

Here are some legit reasons that can lead us to another God of War game:

Unfinished Business

Will There Be A God Of War 6?

Toward the end of GoW Ragnarok, we see a Final Mural scene. Wherein, we see Kratos getting worshipped. Followed by this, he speaks to Freya and Mimir about his path forward. During this interaction, Kratos states – “There is much to do. Much to rebuild.”

This statement somehow makes space for a God of War 6 in the franchise. Although, it won’t be a sequel to Ragnarok set in Norse Mythology. Instead, we will be seeing Kratos squaring off against Pantheons from other Mythologies.

Original Direction of the Game

Most of us don’t know but God of War (2018) was originally set to happen in Egypt. Moreover, the Creative Director, Cary Barlog himself wanted God of War to happen in Egypt. But a series of events led Kratos to follow his path in Norse Mythology. However, we have seen several references to Egypt during his journey in Norse Mythology

That being said, the Creative Director won’t settle unless Kratos reaches the Land of the Pharaohs. For your reference, here is an Early Concept Art showing Kratos & Atreus in Egypt:

Will There Be A God Of War 6?

Will God of War 6 be a Sequel to Ragnarok?

The straightforward answer is No! God of War 6, if released, would not be a sequel to GoW Ragnarok. We have already seen Kratos defeating almost every well-known God from Norse Mythology. Further, Cary Barlog himself said that there will only be 2 God of War games in Norse Mythology. Also, stretching the rivalry between Kratos and other Nordic Gods for more than 5 years will be too much.

Hence, the anticipated God of War 6 will showcase Kratos and company in a new world.

Hopefully, this may clear your thoughts on why Sony, can release God of War 6. While you are here, make sure to check out our other article on Kratos’s Worthiness for Lifting Mjolnir.