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Ayatan Sculptures in Warframe: Where to Find, and Why They Are Needed

Warframe Ayatan Sculptures

Ayatan Kinetic Sculptures are valuable art objects in Warframe created by the Orokin civilization. They can be useful because of the following reasons:

  • They can be sold for platinum to other players.
  • Ayatan Sculptures can be traded on Endo. And Endo is an important resource, which is needed to upgrade your modifications.
  • Ayatan sculptures can serve as a good decoration for the interior of your ship.

Basic Information about Ayatan Sculptures

In total, the game currently has 7 types of sculptures, each of which has a unique appearance, name, and is of different value. By the way, the cost of Ayatan Sculptures can be increased by including Cyan and Amber, which can be found on any mission in containers. When detected, such stars emit a melodic sound and emit a blue or orange glow. Stars, like sculptures, can be sold to other players or exchanged for Endo.

Where to Get Ayatan Sculptures in Warframe

6 types of sculptures with a low degree of probability can be accidentally found by you during the passage of any missions. On the map, they are displayed like any other resources.

Ayatan Sculpture Warframe


More sculptures can be obtained for successfully completing the weekly Ayatan treasure quest, which you can begin by talking to the NPC Mayor in Maroo’s Bazaar. In this quest, the player must find the secret room. When approaching the secret room, the Meru will warn you that further passage can be dangerous. In the center of the room is a mechanism, upon activation of which several doors will open. This will start a timer, after which the doors will be locked. You can try to complete this mission as many times as you like until you succeed in completing it.

If successful, in the end, you will find many containers and 1 random sculpture of Ayatan. By the way, if you went in search of treasures with friends, be sure to ensure that they also have this quest active. Otherwise, they will not be able to get a sculpture. If everything went smoothly, then each player in the team will receive 1 sculpture. The treasure hunt mission is updated every Monday.


This is the end of the guide on how to get Ayatan sculptures in Warframe. They are recommended to be traded on Endo to upgrade your modifications.