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Where Is The Orchard In Fortnite Map? (Answered)

Looking for the Orchard in Fortnite map? This guide will show you its location and also how to complete the weekly challenge of foraged items.

Fortnite’s new season is making quite the splash in the gaming world. Players are constantly getting something new to play through the weekly challenges. While some challenges are actually quite tricky, some are plain, simple and fun. One such week 2 challenge is all about gathering or consuming foraged items at The Orchard. It is pretty easy to do once you have figured out its location. Are you wondering where is the Orchard in Fortnite? Don’t worry, read this guide to know the answer.

The Orchard Location in Fortnite


As we mentioned, the challenge that asks you to reach The Orchard revolves around foraging for items. You have to search for items on the ground and consume or gather them. That’s all there is to it. But in order to reach here, you need to know where the Orchard is located on the Fortnite map. Here it is.


You will see that right to the north of Frenzy Farm is The Orchard. When you drop there, you have to look for a bunch of trees that are close to each other. They will be near this sign, so look for it and head towards the trees.



Once you have reached that point, go ahead and start gathering or consuming items. You need five items to complete this challenge. There will be apples, cabbages and boxes of fruit that you can pick up or consume.

So, this is where the orchard is in Fortnite and how to complete the ‘Gather or Consume Foraged Items at the Orchard’ challenge. For more such informative content and tips, keep reading our Fortnite guides. Plus, did you know that you can use an exploit to upgrade weapons fast in the game? Go ahead and do this trick before Epic decides to fix it in an upcoming patch.