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Where Does Elden Ring Take Place (Ohio?)

Does Elden Ring take place in....Ohio? Here's what you need to know.

Many players are wondering where the story of Elden Ring is happening, and have been looking in more of the lore and the story way before the release of the game. But after some recently famous tweets showcasing the game is actually happening in Ohio, many players got confused. So to clear this one and for all, let’s look at where does Elden Ring take place and is it in Ohio?

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place?


Where does Elden Ring take place? It does not take place in Ohio, but the actual location is “Lands Between”. It’s a kingdom ruled by sovereign Queen Marika the Eternal in another Realm altogether. And it does not happen in our reality, because the creatures and gods of “Lands Between” do not exist in our realm.


Lands Between has a huge shining tree in it called the Erdtree. Erdtree glows with a bright golden yellow aura all over the peaceful inhabitants of Lands Between. Erdtree was fueled by the power of the might “Elden Ring”. The unnatural object with unlimited power is controlled by Goddess Queen Marika the Eternal, and her husband Godfrey, the first Elden Lord. A title held so sacredly, none after him was able to be one. But your story is yet to be written.

Godfrey was so strong he destroyed the Giants and Storm Lord. But soon after the countless wars, the grace of Erdtree started to fade away from him. Queen Marika seeing her husband lost all the Erdtree’s golden glow from his eyes, banished him from the “Lands Between”. Hence he became the first Tarnished. The very first one to lose the grace.

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All those lost grace from the Erdtree in the “Lands Between” were hence called the Tarnished and were banished to lands around. Cursed, wandering the unknown lands with no death and unlimited lives. Disgraced with no grace, the Tarnished saw themselves as the same on their lands till they were called back the grace to reunite the Elden Ring.

So you as the Tarnished write your own story in the game. You can think of it as a revenge story against those who banished you, a redemption story to bring back the glory of your ancient kingdom, or anything you like. Cause as per the director Hidetaka Miyazaki, your story and the way it is revealed to you will be unique to you, and you hold the ending of the lore in your palms.

The Elden Ring Lore


The lore of the Elden Ring, its purpose, and the mysteries behind it were lost to time because it all happened too long ago. All that remains in the memory of storytellers and bards is the vital event known as the “Shattering”. But to understand it, we have to look before the events that led up to the Shattering.

And as Queen Marika was a Goddess, all her kids with Godfrey become demi-gods, who lived in the Lands Between. There were so numerous in numbers, yet they ruled different parts of the extensive domain in peace.

All was peaceful in the “Lands Between” till an unknown cult of assassins, who seek to get the Elden Ring for themselves started attacking Queen Marika’s kin in search of the ring. The attack was so organized and swift, the Goddess herself couldn’t stop the deaths. But everything in “Lands Between” changed when the assassins slew her favorite son, Godwyn the Golden. Due to the bygone history, we don’t know how, but the Elden Ring shattered with his death. This event came to be known as the “Shattering”.

So, that’s the answer to your question of ‘Where does Elden Ring take place’ and some more info related to the lore. If you’d like to check out some hilarious Elden Ring memes from Reddit, here’s a compilation for you.