When is the Next Travis Scott Concert in Fortnite?

Millions of users experienced the Astronomical

Travis Scott Astronomical experience was seen by over 28 million Fortnite users around the world. The one of a kind event inside a battle royale game is the best thing we can expect. This can also shape the future of entertainment, where the gaming and music industry come together to bring a unique experience for their user base. Now the question is when is the next Travis Scott Concert in Fortnite?. We tried to find out some clues based on the previous event, trying to find what is the next big for Fortnite.

Is there a second Travis Scott Concert in Fortnite?

Fortnite officially tweeted that over 27.7 million users around the world experienced the Travis Scott Concert in Fortnite. They participated around 45.8 million times across five events. This is a massive number and shows the interest of users on such kinds of in-game events which as hardly tried in the past.

The event revealed a new music track by Travis Scott as well as some really cool rewards. However, after the event, Epic Games did not reveal anything about what’s next. The Travis Scott Fortnite event was a hit and there are chances we will be seeing a lot of these similar events in the coming time. Will Fortnite bring Travis Scott back or try out with some another popular celebrity.

The latest thing going on in Fortnite is Operation Payload. A new Fortnite Spy Game Mode where players will be on their way to hunt down some valuable intel. Spotted in a mysterious truck on the island, a group of eight will be on a duty to guard the truck till it reaches its destination. Finishing around will reward players with cool gears and skills. You can grab additional intel by winning the entire match that contributes to more Tech unlock.

Talking about the music concert, Epic Games has not revealed any official details on when is the next Travis Scott Concert in Fortnite?