Yanxiaos Crazy Kitchen Answer for What Would Holden Like to Order & Casper Like to Eat?

Struggling to find the answer for Yanxiaos Crazy Kitchen Multiple Choice in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is filled with a ton of side quests and amazing characters. Each is linked with some kind of puzzle or objective. One of them is Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen quest. If you land upon this quest you will have to find the answer for the following question: What Would Holden Like to Order & Casper Like to Eat?

Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen quest comes with a timer and you have to find the answer fast. If you are struggling to complete this then keep reading, I am sharing the correct answer for the multiple-choice question here.

yanxiaos crazy kitchen genshin impact

What Would Holderlin Like to Order?

Horderlin will like to eat veg and if you remember while talking to him he will ask for seafood. The answer to Holderlin’s order is Abalone. A veg dish that will love to eat and it will complete the first part of Yanxiaos Crazy Kitchen quest. Go to Smily Yanxiao and when he asks you what Horderline wants to order then pick Abalone.

Genshin Impact: Yanxiaos Crazy Kitchen Answer

If you are not started the quest look on the above map location. Meet Yanxiaos and you will be able to trigger the quest to find answers. =

What Would Caspar Like to Eat in Genshin?

The answer to Caspar’s order is Chili Chicken. During his conversation, you will hear about saying that he did not like eating seafood. Somewhat similar to what HoHolderlin wants to convey but in a tricky way. If you are in hurry to skip a conversation you will lose the message. for completing the Caspar order task just go for Chili Chicken and you will be ok complete the quest.

Referring to the above answers you can know complete this quest. You can check out the solution on How To Fix Crazy Kitchen Bug? if you are facing it.