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What To Do When You Beat Pokemon Sword and Shield

Whats on the other side

Pokemon Sword and Shield have tons of things you can do in your adventure but that doesn’t mean that the game is over when you finish winning the Pokemon League. There are still tons of things you can do once you finish the game. This guide will show you what to do when you beat Pokemon Sword and Shield.

What To Do When You Beat Pokemon Sword and Shield


Pokemon Sword and Shield are built up with tons of activities you can do as a Pokemon trainer or a breeder, you can do a lot of things even after you finish the game.

The Post Game Quest

After beating Pokemon Sword and Shield you are automatically taken back home, once you are home you will have to talk to Professor Magnolia and she will then hand you a Master Ball.


Once you get that all you need to do is find Hop in Slumbering Weild, where you find the rusted sword and shield. Once you meet Hop your quest will begin.

After that talk to Sonia and she will give you a few instructions which will have you go to a couple of Pokemon Gyms and do a bunch of heroic things. This is where you get the chance to catch Zacian and Zamazenta.

You also get to fight two cocky trainers named Shielbert and Sordward who claim to be the new kings of Galar.


Rare League Cars

The post-game content allows you to collect rare alternate league cards for characters, this is a nice collectible for players who wish to find everything Pokemon Sword and Shield has to offer.

You will have to do more than usual to collect these League cards as you will have to travel a bit like you will have to visit Spikemoth and beat Marnie to collect her card, you can find her outside the Pokemon Center of the area.


After that, if you wish to have Rose’s League Card you will have to find Oleanna in the Galar mines.

To get Leon’s card you will have to battle him in the Battle Tower and the best of all you can also get the card for the Pokeball guy outside Motostoke gym.

Powerful Pokemon

When you are the champion of the Galar region you will automatically face Pokemon of level 60 and this will allow you to battle and catch more powerful Pokemon which you couldn’t do before.

5 Star raids will be a bit difficult but you are almost guaranteed to get an amazing Pokemon from competing in them which should keep you busy for a while.

Pokemon Gifts

You can get a chance of getting one of the first started Pokemon in Charmander after you beat the game you will have to go to Hop and Leon’s house. Once you go there find the room which belongs to Leon.

You can recognize the room by looking for a lot of hats, you will find a Pokeball on the floor which has the Gigantamax feature.

You can get a new type Null Pokemon if you just fly to the Pokemon Battle Tower and talk to a lead staff member on the left.

Team Renting

You can rent a team at the Battle Tower if you aren’t sure about the Pokemon you have with you, you get the option of choosing from the Basic Team, Skill Team, Tough Team, Rain Team, and Slow Team.

This is a great way to test out the Battle Tower and hone your skills as a Pokemon Master. You will get a lot of help from the Slow Team for doubles battles and the Skill Team will help immensely with the Single Battles.


The judge function helps you to view a Pokemon’s base stats in the PCU display with varying degrees without needing to click into each Pokemon’s summary. This gives you an overview and helps you identify the best Pokemon you have. To unlock this you will need six wins in either singles or doubles in the Pokemon Battle Tower.


Hyper training is the best way to max out one of the base stats of your level 100 pokemon, all you need is a level 100 Pokemon and a few bottle caps, give this to the NPC who is at the extreme right in the Pokemon Battle Tower and he will do the rest.


Go to the hotel in Circhester in Pokemon Sword and Shield, take the left go up the elevator and then walk over to the second last and the last room. There you will find a man which you must beat to get the Oval Charm which increases the chances of getting eggs when you breed Pokemon and the last room has a man who asks you to return after you have filled out the Pokedex.

After doing so you will get a Shiny Charm which increases the chances of finding Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This is all there is to know about what to do after completing Pokemon Sword and Shield.