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Elden Ring – What To Do After Beating The Game?

Read this guide to learn what you can do after completing Elden Ring.

So, you’ve just got done beating Elden Ring, arguably one of the trickiest and most intense games of the year, but now what? What happens next? Do you simply say goodbye to what has been one hell of a journey? Do you continue? Is there anything to be done after finishing the game? Well, it turns out there actually is something you can do after beating the game, and this guide will show you exactly just that.

What to do After Beating Elden Ring?



Journey 1

Journey 1 is the version of Elden Ring you’ve just got done beating. Once you finish the game, you can freely explore all of it’s maps hidden areas. You can also fight optional bosses, explore caves and catacombs, tunnels, and much more.


If you want to, you can also assist your friends in their quest to finish the game by taking part in co-op. Feel free to participate in PvP modes too.

We recommend you go through and complete Journey 1 before heading into Journey 2, as this will help prepare you better for what lies ahead.

Journey 2 after Beating Elden Ring


Upon successfully completing and beating Elden Ring, you will find the option to begin Journey 2. You can consider Journey 2 to be like a bonus version of the game, kind of like it’s extension. Here, you will come across significantly fiercer opponents.

To get to Journey 2, you need to head over to Roundtable Hold after completing the game. When heading into this part of Elden Ring, you will lose all your Great Runes. However, your Sorceries, Incantations, Spirits, Armaments, and Attributes will remain with you. Additionally, you will also lose all Sites of Graces, as well as Bell Bearings.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about what to do after beating Elden Ring. As you can see, there is still plenty of scope to enjoy this immensely-engaging game from Bandai Namco. We recommend you continue playing even after you beat the game to keep enjoying.


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