What Is Mario And Luigi’s Last Name?

Is Mario’s last name Mario?

Being one of the oldest video game characters, Mario is a name known by almost everyone be it young or old. He first appeared in Donkey Kong instead of the Super Mario Bros for the NES. Even though the Italian plumber is quite popular, yet many people don’t know his last name. But if you saw the 1993 Mario Bros movie, you will know his name in it was Mario Mario. So here is what Shigeru Miyamoto has to say about it.

What is Mario’s Last Name?

What Is Mario Last Name
Image Credits: Illumination on YouTube

Mario wasn’t supposed to have a last name, but his last name is actually Mario. Here is the origin of how he got his full name. Starting with his first name, Mario didn’t always go by it. During his arcade machine days with Donkey Kong, he was known as Jumpman. But eventually, Nintendo decided to give him this iconic name after their landlord “Mario” Segale. He got this name after Mr. Seagle barged in on the team asking for overdue rent.

Now, as for his surname. In an interview with Game Informer, Miyamoto agreed that the idea of the plumber duo having their last name as Mario was Hilarious. The movie makers for 1993 came to this conclusion because they thought since the game was called “Mario Bros.” that is what might be his last name. But at that time Miyamoto said that Mario had no last name and the same was true for Luigi.

Although when people asked Charles Martinet what the character’s last name was he too agreed it was Mario. This happened at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012. Finally in 2015, contradictory to his previous interview, this time during the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary festival he confirmed that Mario’s last name was indeed Mario.

Now, you know what Mario’s last name is. Speaking of Super Mario game characters, you should also check out who Peachette is.