What is Gunsmith Customs in Call of Duty Warzone?

By Raaj
3 Min Read

Call of Duty Warzone is a competitive battle royale game where a perfect load-out means real gold. The right combination of attachments to a weapon will make you unstoppable. But what really is required to craft weapons that fit your gameplay. There different factors under this first are unlocking a weapon by leveling up, buying DLC’s or purchasing blueprints store, and second by using the best possible attachments to increase their performance. For example, the best attachment to reduce recoil, increase ammo capacity, and range. Here there is another important feature called Gunsmith Customs. As an integral part of the weapon crafting system in COD Warzone, it is necessary to understand how it works and why it is so important?

What is Gunsmith in Warzone?

Gunsmith is a special part of weapon crafting. You can unlock new weapons by getting blueprints. These blueprints consist of two primary parts. First is the weapon itself like the Skull Shot Assault Rifle and the number of attachments. There are four primary categories in attachments or in simple word weapon upgrade components.

Muzzle, Barrel, Optic, Stock, and Underbarrel. Some weapons will have a few extras, but these are five standard components that can be upgraded to enhance a weapons performance. In Gunsmith custom mode you can pull out the attachment or skin from a weapon and transfer that to your favorite weapon. This means the Gunsmith Custom mode of COD warzone allows you to create a hybrid weapon.

Let assume you enjoy a gold skin of assault rifle, and you want this in your favorite gun. You can do that by moving it to the weapon your choice and create your own epic hybrid blueprint. This plays a vital role in shifting out important features from one weapon to another.

For example to increase ammo capacity or to reduce recoil. Gunsmith customs in COD Warzone are more like an advanced customization part of the game dedicated to weapons only. Helping players to extend their creativity in building the best possible load-out is what Gunsmith does.

It breaks the boundaries of using a preset attachment that unlocks with weapon blueprint. Depending on the gameplay a Warzone player can shift attachments from one blueprint to another weapon easily.