What Is Evo Shield And How To Level It Up In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 is here and with it comes a ton of new changes but one thing that managed to stay put was the Evo Shield. Now, this isn’t the latest thing to make its way to the game but if you want to know all about Evo Shields in Apex Legends, give this guide a read.

What Are Evo Shields And How To Level Them Up In Apex Legends

Apex Legends right now sits as one of the best battle royale game there is, not only is it highly competitive but the pace at which Apex Legends operates at is something that other battle royale games cannot compete with.

Evo Shields have a slight advantage to aggressive players, the Evo Shields starts out as a basic shield but as soon as you cause damage to other players the shield class keeps on increasing.

Evo Shields goes from Grey, Blue, Purple, and Finally Red. For 0 damage done you will have 25 Shield, this increases to 50 shield points when you cause 100 in damage. It scales further up to 100 Shield Points when you cause 300 damage and finally to 125 being the red and the most powerful one when you cause 500 Damage to other players.

Now, this might seem daunting especially to new players but even one good scrap can get you a red shield. All you have to make sure is to aim good and keep hitting as many shots as you can.

Best Characters To Use The Evo Shield On In Apex Legends

To be honest, all of it honestly depends on how you play, as said before the Evo Shields is a boon for aggressive players who like to jump in and out of battles quickly. This makes it best for characters like Wraith, Loba, Pathfinder, Caustic, Lifeline, and the newly buffed Mirage.

You can get a lot of opportunities as these characters’ abilities will often compliment the Evo Shield.

All you have to do is be confident enough and get into the midst of a brawl, and you will level up your Evo Shields in no time at all.

This is all there is to know about what are Evo Shields and how to level them up in Apex Legends Season 5.