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What Is A Rift In Fortnite | Where To Find Rift Locations

Find out everything about rift portals in Fortnite.

Rifts were a part of Season 3 but have been disappeared lately. However, they are back in Chapter 2 Season 4. In fact, week 8 introduces a challenge where players have to drive a car or truck through a rift. While the long fans of Fortnite would know what are rifts, the newcomers might not be aware of what is a rift in Fortnite. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about a rift and how to complete the drive a car or truck through a rift weekly challenge in Fortnite.


Fortnite: What is a Rift?

Rift is nothing but like a mini-portal in Fortnite. They are blue in color and spawn at several locations across the entire map. When you get into a rift, you will get to the sky and jump from there landing on the same location from where you used the rift.

Rifts can be very useful to escape if a bunch of opponents has cornered you. It can also be used to get a high view of nearby foes in the game or cover a distance using gliding. When you or someone else uses a rift in Fortnite, a unique sound is made. This makes everyone nearby aware that a player has gone to the sky and can view them from there.

Fortnite: Where to Find Rift Locations?

It is said that rifts are spawned at random locations. However, there are a few locations where you can easily find rifts and use them. Below mentioned are some of those common locations to find rifts.

  • C1 – Near Fortnite Trask Transport Truck
  • E2 – East of Doom’s Domain
  • E2 – South of Craggy Cliffs
  • G2 – West of Steamy Stacks
  • G2 – East of Stark Industries
  • E4 – Southwest of Stark Industries
  • D5 – Near Heroes Park
  • B5/C5 – Near Fortnite Ant Manor
  • D7/E7 – Near Fortnite Panther’s Prowl
  • H6/H7 – Near Fortnite The Collection


where to find rift locations and complete drive a car or truck through a rift portal in Fortnite

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Fortnite: How to Complete Drive Through a Rift Challenge?

Most of the rifts are placed at a few feet height from the ground. Also, the vehicles are usually placed far from rifts locations. These factors can make it difficult to complete the challenge. However, there are a couple of locations where you can easily find vehicles near rifts locations.


The first location is the northwest tip in the Doom’s Domain. You will find a truck here with the rifts located nearby. One of the rifts is in the straight direction of the truck at the edge of the cliff. Don’t worry about the height of the rift portal as the truck is tall enough to trigger the rift. The other rift is to the right of the truck on a hill.

The second location is at Stark Industries. You can easily find several cars here. Grab any one of them and head north on the road. You will find a rift alongside the road. Build a small ramp to get a small flight and enter the rift to see yourself flying in the sky.

Completing this challenge will get you 25,000 XP. You can also use the flying vehicle as a way to kill enemies by landing on them. However, you won’t get any bonus points for doing so.

Now you know what are rifts in Fortnite, what are their locations, and how to complete the drive a car or truck through a rift portal.