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What Happens When You Die In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Here's everything you lose when you die in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

In Diablo games, the death penalty can be pretty brutal. While using healing items can help you survive for longer, there will definitely moments when you will straight up die and the things you lose are not clearly explained in the game. So, here’s what happens when you die in Diablo 2 Resurrected.


What Happens when you Die in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

what happens when die d2r

These are the things you will lose when you die in D2R:

  • Your character will wake up in the Town of the act. Players must do a corpse run to reach the location of their death to pick up their body, gear and items. But be ready to fight the same monsters that may have killed you.
  • The items and gear that you were carrying will stay with your corpse and you need to make that journey back to collect them again.
  • You will lose some of the gold (max 20%) that you are carrying and the gold that’s stored in your stash.
  • The more often you die, the more corpses are created in the game.
  • If you pause the game and click on Save and Exit, then load into the game again – the corpse will be with you in the Town.
  • The mercenary character you have hired to help you will also die when you do, so you have to spend Gold to revive them. They will still have the gear that you equipped to them when they last died.
  • In case you have more Gold than the amount that will be cut as death penalty, you can find it next to your corpse.
  • If you are carrying Potions in your Belt’s extra slots will go back to your Inventory, but if there’s no space there, the Potions will be dropped to the ground.
  • The corpse will disappear when all items have been picked back up.
  • When you respawn in the town, the active buffs that you had will not be applicable.
  • If you equipped a new set of gear and go to collect the gear from your corpse, your character will say – I can’t carry anymore, I am overburdened. If you die the second time, you will drop this set of valuable gear too, so it’s best to do a corpse run without anything on.

Death Penalty Based on Difficulty in D2R

  • When you die while playing with the Nightmare Difficulty, you lose EXP (5%). And if you have the Hell Difficulty level, you will lose 10% EXP. This is calculated on the basis of the total Experience required to reach the next level.
  • You won’t lose your current level due to the experience loss.

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