What Happened To Toilet Tower Defense?

Wondering about the disappearance of Toilet Tower Defense from Roblox? Check out this article to understand what has happened.

What happened to the Roblox game that quickly gained popularity, Toilet Tower Defense? You are not the only one worried about your Robux going down the drain, all TTD players are on edge right now. This game originally took inspiration from DaFaq?!Boom!’s ‘Skibidi Toilet’ content. It is meant to be quirky and humorous, as the concept of a man’s head popping out of a toilet is not something you see daily. Telanthric Development wanted to combine this unique concept with Tower Defense games’ blueprint, of defending their base and creating something out of the box. However, this game seems to have disappeared from the platform after all the efforts. In this guide, we will go over what caused this sudden issue and what the developers have to say.

Is Toilet Tower Defense Gone?

Roblox Toilet Tower Defense

As of now, there have been different speculations regarding the game’s situation. We will address all of them in this article.

  • The initial rumor was about the profits. It was said that the developers took the game down because it wasn’t generating enough revenue. At least the expected amount for them to keep the game up and running. However, this seems debatable as the game gained 478+ Million Visits as of September 2023.
  • The other speculation, which seems like the real reason, is due to Copyright Strike. Not only Telanthric Development but many other game developers on Roblox were given this warning by DaFaq?!Boom!, the person who came up with the concept of Skibidi Toilet. Many people were not pleased with this news as the game was not a direct copy of his work.

Has Toilet Tower Defense been Deleted?

Luckily, the game has not been deleted, however, you won’t be able to play it. The notice, “Sorry this place is currently under review. Try again later” appears when you try to play the game. It shows 27 active players, at the moment.


There has been no discussion or news about the refund of all the Robux that you have spent in the game. Mostly, a refund is never done whenever a game is deleted on Roblox.

Message from Developers

Although Telanthric Development hasn’t said anything about the refunds, they haven’t kept their fans in the dark, either. They have tried to keep the users informed about the game’s situation. We have received two statements from the developers:

  • “Your data is saved if we get the game back online”
  • “Anyone saying the game is gone, that’s not true, the game might still come back.”

This gives some sort of hope to the TTD fans and has also resulted in Roblox users creating many versions of this game with similar features. Of course, these are all just variations of the original game until the real one makes a comeback.

This is everything you need to know about Toilet Tower Defense. You can also check out other Roblox articles, right here on Gamer Tweak.