What Does The Colosseum Do In Civ 6?

Build it and they will come. Let's look at what the Colosseum in Civ 6 has to offer.

Civilization 6 at its core is a game of strategy. Building your nation from the ground up to eventual world domination is every player’s goal. The game uses real-life historical leaders and borrows monuments and practices from other great nations, offering the chance for a different approach. Fans of the long-running series were delighted to see one of their favorite Wonders The Colosseum makes its return to the game. But what does the colosseum do in Civilization 6? Let’s find out.

What does the Colosseum do in Civ 6?

what does the colosseum do in civilization 6
The Colosseum falls under the Classical Era of Wonder in Civ 6. To unlock it players will have to make their way to Game and Recreation on the Civ Tree. The Colosseum will require flat land and can only be built next to another entertainment complex in your city. The Wonder has a production cost of 400 which should take you about 20 turns to generate.
The main bonuses that the Colosseum provides are as follows

  • +2 Culture
  • +2 Amenities
  • +2 Loyalty per Turn

These bonuses also apply to any other cities within 6 tiles of the Colosseum. While at first, these bonuses look like they aren’t worth the cost, the Colosseum is best used when combined with other cities. If you have the Wonder built in the middle of your nation and surround the Colosseum with 5 other cities, the bonuses stack up. That means you’ll be generating 10 Culture and 10 Amenities with each turn. Amenities are vital to keeping your citizens happy which in turn leads to extra yield bonuses per turn. All of these factors make the Colosseum the best Wonder you can build in Civilization 6.

That’s all we have on the Colosseum and its features in Civilization 6. Check out a detailed list of the Best and strongest leaders to choose in Civ 6 for more tips here on Gamer Tweak.