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What Are The Best Weapons In GTA Online

The streets of GTA San Andreas are full of peril and you never know what you might run into at any given moment. This is magnified in GTA Online when there is danger at every corner as players will fight and kill whoever they see in their sights and that’s why it is recommended that you arm yourself with some of the best weapons GTA Online has to offer.

Now you get access to more weapons as you level up and though the upper-tier weapons are good, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t arm yourself with some good weapons as soon as you enter GTA Online. This guide will show you the best weapons in GTA Online, so read until the end of this guide.

GTA Online Best Weapons

GTA Online has been evolving throughout the years, there have been many weapons that have come to the game and some have needed balancing as they gave too much of an advantage. There are still certain guns that you can get your hands on which are still pretty overpowered and if you are a sure shot, nothing will come between you and your objective.

The first thing you will need to do is go out to any of the local Ammu-Nation shops that are available in GTA Online and browse through the collection of guns that is available there. You should be able to see a few handguns and other useful weapons.

Best Loadout for PvP in GTA Online

The goal here is to have a loadout that is complete and will give you access to targets that are far and near in the game. You do not want to be lacking in any way when it comes to GTA Online. So below we have listed a few weapons that will come in handy in GTA Online.

  • Heavy Sniper MKII with Explosive Rounds
  • Pump Shotgun MKII with Explosive Rounds
  • Sticky Bomb
  • MKII Heavy Revolver with Hollow Point rounds
  • Combat MG MKII
  • Special Carbine with Magazine

The Special Carbine with Magazine assault rifle is a great gun when beginning until you get to level 70 this should be pretty helpful but as soon as you get access to the Advanced Rifle, get that as it will give you much better control and aiming precision.

In pistols, the AP pistol is amazing, because it handles so well in dire situations. It is one of the most stable weapons in GTA Online and one you should always keep with you. You will need to be at level 33 to unlock this weapon, so make sure that when you unlock this gun, get it asap.

Sticky Bombs should always be on you, these go a long way and you can remotely detonate them whenever you want. You can set up traps if you think outside the box with sticky bombs so do not ignore them.

These are the best weapons that you should have on you in GTA Online. Make sure to check out how to complete GTA Online secret missions as well while you’re here.