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What Are Limit Breaks And How To Use Them In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Time to revive when you are done, Limit Breaks can save you life when you need it the most.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has tons of abilities that your character possesses to turn the battle into their favor, one of which is called Limit Breaks. These abilities are only activated when your character has taken tons of damage and cannot take it anymore. This of this as second wind to your characters, giving them a chance to come back in the fights. This guide will show you how to do limit breaks in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

How To Perform Limit Breaks In Final Fantasy 7 Remake


When in battle you will see a small yellow gauge at the bottom right of your screen that will slowly fill, this bar can be found beneath the MP bar.

To perform a Limit Break, you will have to open the command menu and then select Limit Break to perform it, you will have to fill up the bar to perform a limit break.

Limit Breaks let you get back in the fight after you have been dealt with a ton of damage, this seems like your last resort to get back in the fight and each character has a different Limit Break to them.


To increase the bar, you will have to inflict a ton of damage to your opponents as well, the more opponents you stagger the faster the Limit Break bar fills up.

How To Equip Limit Breaks In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

To equip Limit Breaks and see which ones are available, you can open up the Battle Setting menu and check there.


As you progress in the game you will get optional arena challenges in the form of character-specific challenges, these will unlock Legacy items, you can find one in Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. These legacy items are level 2 limit breaks and unlocking them will give you more options as to which one you would like to pick and use in a battle.

This is all the information about Limit Breaks that you need to know, make sure that you check out other guides as well and become better at Final Fantasy 7 Remake.