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Welcome Home Hidden URL Codes & Secrets Revealed

Here are some of the hidden codes and secrets that players can find in Welcome Home.

Welcome Home players can use these URL Codes and check out other secrets that have been discovered in the ARG website. The game is based on the TV Show Welcome Home and it’s safe to say that things are taking an eerie turn. There are numerous secrets across multiple pages on the website that players can discover and if you don’t want to go through everything, our guide will help you with the best parts.

All Welcome Home Secret URL Codes

While you explore the Welcome Home website, you will often notice the letters Y, O, X, W, V, and E. Even though they seem random, players can put them in the URL and visit a few related pages. Since there are many possible combinations, some of them won’t have any Welcome Home content, a few of them will. Here are some of the Welcome Home URL codes that you can obtain out of these letters:

  • /ywxoev – Follow this link for a new tab with a GIF of different eyes scrolling over a character’s house.
  • /woxyve – Follow this link for a new tab that contains several images for the show’s actual script from 1960.
  • /voywex – Follow this link for a new tab where these words are automatically typed: “”Hello. You’re there. I can’t see you. Do you see me? Then stay quiet.”” Screenshot and edit brightness to reveal a few more secrets.
  • /eovwxy – Follow this link for a new tab that contains a TV with white noise on its display screen.
  • /yxvwoe – This is one of the many combinations that won’t have any Welcome Home related content but will display “Uh Oh! Uh Oh Lo ooks like you Wandered wandered wandered tooooooooo far away from Home! Head back.”

All Welcome Home About Us Page Secrets

Now that you have checked out the Welcome Home secret URL codes, you can move further to check out some of the other secrets.

About Us FAQ Secret Message

While the About Us page will look pretty normal at the start, the secrets begin as you scroll down below. Head to the FAQ section and look for the “How did you begin your research into Welcome Home?” section. Now, highlight the blank space after the answer and you will find a creepy message. It reads, “But it hurts” which seems a little terrifying considering how eerie the website has been so far.

About Us Secret GIF Message

All Welcome Home Secrets About Us Message

As you scroll further, you will spot two GIFs of Frank’s spinning head. While the first GIF has absolutely nothing sinister, the second one has a set of messages written on the spine of the books. Zoom in to the image on the right and you can read the following words “HELLO,” “It’s You Know Who?,” “I’m Your Neighbor,” “Do You Think About Me? You Do,” and “I’ve Felt You.”

Welcome Home About Us Secret Scrambled Message

Scrolling further in the About Us section, players can find more Welcome Home secrets in the form of a scrambled message. In the “Why did you make this website?” section, players can find a jumbled sentence that they can unscramble by highlighting over the text. The hidden message will then read “When I unwrapped the first letter, I felt it. I heard it. Open. Open. Open. I want it out. I’m going to get it out.”

About Us Hidden Message

Lastly in the About Us FAQ section, scroll down to “Do you know how many episodes of Welcome Home there are?” and highlight the area after the answer to find a cryptic message. It reads, “The numbers are so hard to read. Sometimes I can’t see them.”

Welcome Home Guestbook Secret Hidden File Codes

While there are numerous messages on the Guestbook! page, the doodles have secret hidden file names that read out messages. If players hover over the doodles or right-click and open the images in new tab, they can read the following hidden codes:

  • ourname_.png
  • everyoneishappy_.png
  • icantreachthem_imsorry_.png
  • imyourfavorite_thatmakesmehappy_thanyou_.png
  • iloveyoutoo_.png
  • whatisyourfather_.png
  • dontbeafraid_.png
  • icouldnotfindthem_iwilllookharder_.png
  • no_apuppet_.png
  • whyareyoufibbing_youarenothere_idontseeyou_pleasedonotlietome_.png
  • soyouknowiamlookingatyouneighbor_iamtalkingtoyou.png
  • youdontlikemeneighbor.png
  • Scratchharder_.png
  • nomemory_.png
  • dohesellhisheart_.png
  • iamyourfavoritetoo_imveryhappy_.png
  • Lovehim_Youremember.png
  • Itsnottimeyet_imlooking_.png
  • ilikeyellowtoo_imyellow_sallyisyellow_franksnoseisyellow_.png
  • Idontknoweither_.png
  • Valentine_Iwilltellher_.png
  • honk_honk_haha.png
  • ilikepoppytooneighbor.png
  • thankyouihopeyouthinkitisbeautiful.png

There will certainly be new hidden file codes that players might be able to find as they get more and more doodles.

Welcome Home The Neighborhood Page Secrets

Welcome Home The Neighborhood Page Secrets

Although the Neighborhood looks like a plain introduction of characters, there are a couple of secret links that players should explore when they have the chance.

The first link lies in the words “Even if you don’t live there, you’re still one of its most important denizens!” right under the Welcome Home logo. Once players click on it, they will find a GIF with the words YOU written in a colorful font. If you stay on the page further, you will see the following message being typed: “Wally is your best friend.”

The second link is available on the Yellow Path directly below the house in the middle (Wally’s House). Once you click on it, a new tab will open up displaying a black page with an image of Wally and a giant looking through a window.

That’s all we have on Welcome Home Hidden URL Codes and other secrets. While you are here, do check out our Game Guides for more such content right here at Gamer Tweak.