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Survivor.io Tier List – Best Weapons (June 2023)

Here's a Tier List of the best weapons you can use to save your city from the Zombies in Survivor.io.

Here’s a Best Survivor.io weapons Tier list for you so you can save the city and clean the streets by finishing the dangerous zombies. As easy as it may sound, but it isn’t, you’ll not only face the low-level zombies but also the Boss-level zombies. So you better keep your weapons ready because these monsters only serve one purpose, which is killing you at any cost. If you’ve recently started playing the game and are confused about which gun you should use, then don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best weapon easily.

Survivor.io Tier List – Best Weapons to Use

Which is the Best Weapons to use in in Survivor.io (Tier List)

Here’s a tier list of all the weapons available in Survivor.io. We have ranked the weapons in S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, & C Tier based on their base attack and damage.

Weapons Tier
Lightchaser S Tier
Void Power S Tier
Kunai A Tier
Shotgun B Tier
Baseball Bat B Tier
Katana C Tier
Revolver C Tier

As you can see Void Power and the Lightchaser are the two best weapons in the game. So we recommend you go with them because they have a high damage rate and low cooldowns. However, if you’re a beginner, then you can always go with the Kunai, Shotgun, or Baseball bat. Other than that, the rest of the weapons are not that useful and might get you in trouble. So now you know which weapon you should use to slay these dangerous monsters.

Players can also upgrade their weapons to increase their attacking speed, damage rate, and also weapon range. So make sure to gather all the gems and coins you can, that because you’re going to need them pretty often. However, if you’re running low on resources, then check out the Gift codes to get free in-game rewards. That sums up everything about the best weapons tier list in Survivor.io. If you play such mobile games often, then check out other Mobile game guides for more tips & tricks.