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List Of All The Weapons In Call Of Duty Vanguard

A Weapons list of all the base guns and equipment in Call Of Duty Vanguard.

Call Of Duty Vanguard is a tactical FPS game. This entails the proper use of every Weapon in the game. Every Weapon has its pros and cons which you will have to choose for the situations you are in. Call Of Duty Vanguard has 38 Base Weapons at its launch. In this guide, I will show you the Weapon List is COD Vanguard.

Weapon List in Call Of Duty Vanguard

Like I have mentioned before, COD Vanguard has a total of 38 Base Weapons. These 38 Weapons consist of 7 Assault Rifles, 6 SMGs, 4 Shotguns, 4 LMGs, 3 Marksman Rifles, 3 Sniper Rifles, 5 Handguns, 4 Launchers, and 2 Melee Tools. Each of these has its uses in different situations. For example, Sniper Rifles are best used for wide areas or areas with long sightlines. In contrast, Shotguns are best at CQC (Close Quater Combat) fights. Below is the list of Weapons that are currently Available in COD Vanguard.

Assault Rifles in Call Of Duty Vanguard

assault rifles in cod vanguard

  • STG44
    • A very versatile rifle that is capable of adapting to any situation.
    • A long-range rifle with high accuracy and low recoil. Perfect for those long sightlines.
    • A Burst Rifle that shoots 4 rounds at a time. Very accurate at medium to long ranges.
  • BAR
    • Another long-range rifle but it is a High-caliber Full-auto gun.
  • AS44
    • A fast-firing Full-auto gun perfect for CQC engagements.
  • NZ-41
    • A Full-auto Rifle that is accurate in its first few bullets, after which the recoil of the gun becomes difficult to handle.
    • A quick and mobile Full-auto Rifle for those short to medium ranges. Perfect for the Run & Gun Playstyle.

SMGs in Call Of Duty Vanguard

smgs in cod vanguard

  • MP-40
    • A Workhorse SMG perfect for short to medium-range engagements.
  • STEN
    • A High Mobility SMG, very useful in getting behind enemy lines.
  • M1928
    • A CQC gun with a high fire rate and high ammo capacity.
    • A High-caliber and Full-auto SMG suited for those medium ranges.
  • TYPE 100
    • Low recoil and high accuracy SMG.
  • PPSH-41
    • A very mobile SMG with an incredible fire-rate ideal to quickly end engagements.

Shotguns in Call Of Duty Vanguard

shotguns in cod vanguard

    • A prototype Shotgun with a revolving cylinder that is suited for CQC engagements.
    • A pump-action Shotgun, effective at close range.
    • A Semi-auto Shotgun with a fast fire rate is effective at very close range.
    • A Break action Shotgun is effective at close range.

LMGs in Call Of Duty Vanguard

lmgs in call of duty vanguard

  • MG42
    • An extreme fire-rate LMG is ideal to suppress enemies at medium range.
  • DP27
    • A versatile LMG which is accurate at medium-range Full-auto and long-range Burst.
  • TYPE 11
    • An LMG that is easy to reposition within the midst of battle.
  • BREN
    • A Full-auto LMG which is accurate in its initial rounds becomes difficult to control the recoil after sustained fire.

Marksman Rifles in Call Of Duty Vanguard

marksman rifle in call of duty vanguard

    • Highly powerful and fairly accurate at all ranges.
  • SVT-40
    • High-caliber and Semi-auto rifle which is effective with headshots.
  • G-43
    • High fire-rate and Semi-auto rifle effective at medium range.

Sniper Rifles

sniper rifles in call of duty vanguard

  • TYPE 99
    • A Light bolt-action is highly mobile and is lethal at head and torso shots.
    • A Heavy bolt-action is more stable, less mobile but is lethal anywhere on the body.
  • KAR98K
    • A very versatile bolt-action rifle that is lethal at the head and torso shots.



  • RATT
    • A fast-firing Semi-auto pistol that is effective at close range.
    • A High-caliber revolver is effective at the medium range.
  • 1911
    • A very versatile pistol that is effective at close to medium ranges.
    • A steady High-caliber Semi-auto pistol proves to be more effective at longer ranges.
    • A fast-firing Full-auto pistol that is effective at close range.

Launchers in Call Of Duty Vanguard


    • A shoulder-fired launcher that fires 60 mm explosive rockets. It is very effective against vehicles.
    • A shoulder-fired launcher that fires 88 mm explosive rockets. It is very effective against vehicles.
    • A disposable launcher that fires a shaped charge warhead. This launcher is effective against vehicles as well as infantry.
    • A repurposed launcher that fires two-inch mortars is highly effective against infantry.



    • A standard military issue tactical knife ideal for CQC engagements for fast and quiet wetwork.
    • An explosive-resistant & ballistic-proof shield with added melee damage.

This was the List of all the Weapons in Call Of Duty Vanguard. Hopefully, this guide had helped you. You can also check our guides on Best Weapons Tier List and Audio Issues Fix in Call Of Duty Vanguard.