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Apex Legends Weapon Tier List Season 11

Here's all about the best weapons to use in Apex Legends Season 11.

Do you enjoy Apex Legends? What’s your favorite part of the game? Today I embark on the mission to make an Apex Legends Weapon Tier List (season 11). Let’s see if your favorites rank up with mine, shall we?


Apex Legends Weapon Tier List for Season 11

apex legends best weapons list

Apex Legends came out of nowhere and quickly became a sensation and earned its place on the pedestal with other battle royales. Developer Respawn have constantly been updating the game since launch and have added a bunch of new games for us to test around. Let’s quickly rank these weapons up and see which ones go in which spot. The list will be divided into the usual S-D tier category and has some personal opinions mixed in it. So, without any further delays, let’s take a look at the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List!


S Tier

M600 Spitfire

Spitfire was one of the first guns I picked up back in the day when Apex Legends launched. It was meaty. It packed a punch, it hit like a truck and I deemed it a powerhouse. While this gun has seen a few nerfs here and the best possible version is only available through care packages, it still is a top-tier meta weapon in the ever-shifting sandbox of Apex.


Kraber .50 CAL

Does this one need an introduction? It is, to this day, an elusive weapon only available through care packages and rightfully so. Look, I am not a sniper guy myself but even I was able to snag some crazy kills with this one, so imagine the chaos that can ensue when in the right hands?. It’s a .50 CAL sniper! Crazy high damage with the cleanest scope I have ever seen in any Sniper Rifle. 10/10!

R-301 Carbine


Auto rifles are my favorite archetype in any game. You can unload a huge chunk of bullets and deal high amounts of damage just by holding the trigger and forgetting the rest. The R-310 was an all-star weapon when the game launched and it still is one of the greats. All credit goes to a super clean ADS, quick reload, fast rate of fire, and next to no recoil. Another SS tier weapon if you ask me.

VK-47 Flatline

If the R-301 Carbine is great then the flatline is standing right next to it. It uses heavy ammo and remains one of the most dominant weapons in the game. Mid-range engagements become a cakewalk if you wield this gun right and that smooth recoil does a lot to help!

A Tier


Now I know what you are thinking and yes the Wingman ain’t what it used to be, especially with all the nerfs and all the attachments that have been taken away from it but hear me out. The Wingman has always been a skill-based weapon requiring precision, and, even to this day, if you are precise you will strike gold with this one. Despite the nerfs Wingman still remains a top pick for me.


Everybody and I mean everybody picks this gun up when they see it, and for good reason. Low recoil and high damage output make the Volt something that you shouldn’t take lightly. Plus the satisfaction of unloading a clip into someone’s dome at super high speeds is always satisfactory.


Versatile should be the name of this gun as it can carry both light and heavy ammo and a plethora of attachments. It may be new in this season but Titanfall fans would quickly remember this as it shined in that game too! Here’s another SMG that shines every step of the way.

G7 Scout

Tap fire weapons are always something I keep in high regard because of the precision they demand from the player and the G7 just feels so damn good to use. This gun has shifted between archetypes and has been all over the place but as of right now is in the best spot it can be, especially if you nab one from a care package!


Before the Volt and the CAR, this used to be my favorite SMG. Don’t get me wrong, it still is a top-of-the-line choice. It still is one of the best weapons for early to mid-game engagements and this, alongside the R-301 Carbine that to me truly feel like “light” ammo weapons because of how good and nimble they feel.


It’s a fully automatic shotgun that can, with the right attachments and skill, shred anything and everything in close range. The recoil ain’t bad for such a fast-firing weapon and the damage output is decent. As is the case with many Apex weapons, this ain’t what it used to be but if you ask me, whatever this is now is still worth it.


While this LMG fires slowly the damage it deals can be ridiculous at times. Yes, it doesn’t stand a chance against the Spitfire but then again it’s not there to compete with it. If you find a thermite grenade, chuck it before any engagement as it’ll rev up this gun’s rate of fire. A pro and a con combined makes this gun balanced.

B Tier


It looks cool and it sounds and fires cool as well but it demands a certain playstyle from you. It wrecks in the close range don’t get me wrong but I won’t be running after this gun as my priority if you ask me. In the right hands, however, the tables can quite easily turn. If you can handle the playstyle the L-Star asks of you then I’d say go for it.


This is a divisive one for me as I want to rate this higher but at the same time with all the nerfs it ain’t the same. I love bows in video games and when Apex Legends got a bow I was psyched, and it didn’t disappoint. It has an endless clip and can do a lot of precision damage but something just ain’t right with it no more.


Oh, how the mighty fall. I remember a time when the Peacekeeper instilled fear among players. It was the go-to gun despite it being a shotgun and if you could duke it out with all the upgrades then mama-mia! The good news is that it still holds up and some players refuse to part ways with it but I want this gun to be rated higher personally.

Prowler PDW

This gun is deadly. It uses heavy ammo and does high damage per shot for a weapon of its type. However, for me personally, this weapon was never the meta choice as something feels off about it. I ain’t saying it’s bad. All I am saying is that despite the pros it comes with, it ain’t that good.


Hey! It’s a gun, it’s there and it is a really good piece of kit I’ll give it that. It fires slowly but does about the same damage as its big brothers. I know a lot of players love this gun to the core but there’s one thing even they can’t deny that The Alternator lacks versatility. This can be an A or even an S-tier weapon if it offers just a smidge more.


With such long-range capabilities, it’s shocking that Apex lacks some sniper action in the game. The Sentinel is a halfway decent sniper truth be told, especially because you can find it lying on the ground and can also stumble upon its attachments pretty fast. A Sniper Rifle demands a very specific kind of gameplay and if you can manage that, the Sentinel shouldn’t disappoint. It ain’t no Kraber but it sure is somewhat potent.

C Tier

30-30 Repeater

Now that we are getting towards the bottom of the barrel, let’s start with something decent first. The 30-30 has good range and decent damage but it just ain’t it chief. It can’t do much in close range and can feel a bit sluggish at times. Not a totally garbage pick, I can vouch for that, but you can do without it.


Devotion is fine if you cannot find yourself another LMG. You will not be able to outgun any of them because of the damage numbers they deliver but you’ll surely be able to do a lot of damage in return. Look, don’t get me wrong, a fully upgraded version of this gun can be deadly but then the fully upgraded versions of other LMGs can be deadlier.


The problem with hemlock is simple. It’s an assault rifle that doesn’t fire full auto, if it did, this gun would probably be the king of the ARs. It’s disappointing because of the wasted potential. This gun can shred but the rate of fire is its biggest downfall and thus it’s far inferior when compared to other ARs.


It pains me to put Mastiff in this spot because I still remember one of the first games I ever won in Apex was because of this gun. I was the last one standing in my squad and I killed two other people back to back with it. That’s how ungodly this used to be. It’s the most unique Shotgun in the game as it fires in a horizontal line but alas its glory days are far gone.

Charge Rifle

Just like a lot of other guns, when the Charge Rifle was launched it was off the top-shelf quality. It quite literally was like a laser that mapped people and then it got the nerf hammer. Now, despite a decent damage output by this gun, it just swims in the pools of mediocrity.

Triple Take

Judging by the way this sniper rifle works, It’s an interesting choice, to say the least. But, and there’s always a but, the damage output ain’t too shabby. It fires 3 bolts and if all three connect it’s pretty much game over for your enemy. The problem is that it’s a sniper rifle that wants you to play close range. Now do you see the conundrum?


A circumstantial weapon to say the least. HAVOC was one of the first auditions post-launch in the game and during its Halcyon days it packed was a beast not to be trifled with. It does have some functionality in the right hands and it very well can be killer in close proximity but I personally won’t bet on it and will definitely go for something else.

D Tier

Longbow DMR

Now that we are at the very bottom of the pit it’s time to look at the least favorable options starting with the Longbow. Hey, the damage is passable at least, but without a scope and much better options available for long-range the Longbow just falls short in every category imaginable.


Okay, if you nab this as your first gun in any match then yeah, sure, this can be a wonderful pick. But everything that comes after that? Ouch. I want to love this gun as it’s an auto pistol with amazing recoil but it ain’t powerful enough to compete with the big boys and maybe it’s not supposed to be that way either.


This pistol ain’t even worth it to be your last resort. If you are out of options and this is the only hope you see for miles, I’d just recommend you accept your fate and not bother trying. Some guns are made for certain scenarios, this one, however, isn’t made for any.


Mozambique is somewhat better than the P2020 but it’s arguably the worst weapon in the game period. A handheld tri-shotgun sounds cool on paper, right? Wrong! This gun is the epitome of a disaster and has been like that since the game launched and I am certain that at this point there is no hope for it.

I’ll level with you and say that, technically, there are no bad guns in Apex Legends. Other than The Mozambique of course. But a lot of them are highly situational and a lot of them have a lot of potential waiting to be explored. Whatever the case may be, if I were to rank them then this is my list. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by placing their favorite in the wrong tier!

That’s all for this Apex Legends Best Weapons Tier List. For everything, Apex Legends check out our other articles and make sure to stick with us here at Gamer Tweak to get all of your gaming news.