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How To Complete Watch For Rolling Rocks Level In Super Mario 64?

Watch For Rolling Rocks In Super Mario 64 is a tough level. You can earn a hidden star in Watch For Rolling Rocks level by checking out here

Watch For Rolling Rocks is one of the biggest and polarizing levels in Super Mario 64 with a secret star location for players to earn, but the star is kept is a secret location and this guide will show you how to complete the watch for rolling rocks level in Super Mario 64.

How To Complete Watch For Rolling Rocks Level In Super Mario 64?

Watch For Rolling Rocks is a level in Super Mario 64 that will have you feel like Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark, as you find yourself in a cave with huge boulders coming at you that you must dodge.

If you get hit, it will knock you back and reduce your health point by one which can be serious if you’re already low on health. Luckily, there’s a way where you can complete it easily and without much issue.

When the level starts in the Hazy Maze Cave, make sure to hit the box hanging above your head to get the power-up as it will be beneficial when you progress, take the left pathway and continue along until you see a door.

Jump over the gap and open the door to enter the next room, where you will find yourself standing on a mesh platform.

Take a right and then continue on to the concrete platform which will lead you left. When you get to the edge, make sure that you time your jump just right enough to not get hit by a boulder and hug the left side of this new area.

Face towards from where the rolling rocks are coming from and continue hugging the left wall, you will find some coins, collect them if you need, and look straight ahead to see that there is a bit of space on the right where the rock bounces off from.

You will need to go to that space where you will find a door, do not go through this door yet as there is a star nearby that you can still get your hands on.

Use the opposing walls to jump up on to the platform on the right side of the door, this platform will be hidden and you will need to clear the wall that you’re using to jump.

As soon as you get up, you will get your hands on the star in the game, this is all there is to know about how to complete Watch For Rolling Rocks In Super Mario 64.

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