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Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay Features Next Level Hacking – FO Privacy

Hope it never becomes a reality

Watch Dogs is a game about using Digital skills for revolution. It takes us deep into the world where everything is connected on a network forever and the protagonist is capable enough to access the network and use it on its will. This sounds fascinating in a video game while the same thing is against law in the real world.

If you had seen Watch Dogs Legion’s gameplay video that was revealed during E3 2019 it can scare you a bit. This time Watch Dogs Legion goes to the next level, instead of creating a story focused on one character the entire city is your playground. Almost every NPC in the game can be recruited for Dedsec, a company that stands against authorities, private military and gangs.

One of the most eye-catching things is the way you can recruit someone, with the help of a special Smartphone you can access a person’s detail on the street or in a pub. Unaware about your intentions the ostensible recruits are having their data leaked.

Art Director Joshua Cook shared info about the Contact section of Watch Dogs Legion, a deep profiler that tells everything about the chosen recruit. This includes his attributes, age, occupation, salary, relations, and demographics. The deep profiler gives you info about family members and important life events. Going a little bit deeper you can get every location of the recruit on the map, his place of work, hobby classes, when he visits a bank when he will visit a pharmacy, etc.

Having such in-depth detail about a person sounds scary if this was a reality, the word “Privacy” would be nothing more than a castle in the sky. It looks great in the game, and this shows how deeply characters are embedded in Watch Dogs Legion. Through the Contact section, you can have info about recruits family members who are actual people in the game and you can meet them. But if you do something the recruit doesn’t like it will affect his relationship with Deadsec that is shown in the form of a green bar aka DeadSec support bar on top of the recruits profile photo.

The bar reflects their feeling towards DeadSec, as someone will oppose, some are neutral while some are positive. To hire recruits who oppose Deadsec or shows a red bar you will have to convince them by doing favors. Intervene in their life so that they can change their opinion about DeadSec.

Watch Dogs Legion is releasing on March 6, 2020 and its available for pre-order. The game is coming for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia.