How To Get Spiderbot Arena In Watch Dogs Legion Online

Here's how to unlock Spiderbot arena (PvP Game Mode) in Watch Dogs Legion Online.

With the release of Watch Dogs Legion Online, players will get access to the Spiderbot Arena which is a new mode. In this, you face off with other players by using your Spiderbots. If you have seen the movie Real Steel, this new PvP mode will remind you of that. To jump into the action right away, here’s how to unlock the Spiderbot Arena in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion Online – How To Unlock Spiderbot Arena

how to get spiderbot arena

These are the steps you have to follow to unlock Spiderbot Arena in Watch Dogs Legion Online.

  1. Recruit any Operative.
  2. Hack the first Target in London Necropolis.
  3. Hack the second Target in Ascent.
  4. Talk to Connie in the Dedsec HQ in London.

Do note that you have to complete the first mission in the online mode of the game which is ‘New Resistance’. When you spot an NPC that you want to recruit, go ahead and do it but remember that you will have less influence at this point. You will have to recruit someone based on that.

When you go to London Necropolis, you have to go to the other end of the region to find the gate which will have space for you to walk in. After that, you must visit Ascent where you have to use your Spiderbot to kill enemies and then hack the target as well. After hacking, head to the safehouse and talk to Connie. That’s all you have to do to unlock the Spiderbot Arena in Watch Dogs Legion Online. You will find it on your map.

The requirement for this PvP game mode is minimum of 2 players. The description states that you can test your spiderbot skills and compete with other Operatives in battles that are very fast paced. This is perfect for those players who seek intense combat using their spiderbots.

That’s everything about fighting spider robots in the Spiderbot Arena. For more information about the game, head over to our Watch Dogs Legion guides.