Watch Dogs Legion Price Reduced Even Before Launch

Watch Dogs Legion is being offered for a reduced price on Amazon even before the release date of the game has been revealed. Watch Dogs Legion was supposed to release early in 2020 but Ubisoft decided to delay the launch of the game to work on a few issues.

While a new release date hasn’t been revealed it looks like Amazon has kept a placeholder in place for people who are really looking forward to the purchase of the highly anticipated game.

Watch Dogs Legion takes things away from the United States for the first time and the game is set in the United Kingdom with London being a major part of the game.

It is strange to know that Ubisoft is already allowing Amazon to offer the game at a reduced price even before the official announcement of the release date of the title.

watch dogs legion price

You can pre-order the game for $39.99 right now and you will be assured with a standard copy upon the release of the game. Watch Dogs Legion shows a future that has been overrun by crime and you along with other agents must work together to bring the chaos down.

While the early footages show that Watch Dogs Legion is going to be highly futuristic with drones and other weapons to use, you can change agents freely as per your needs as the game will not be dependant on a single character.

Watch Dogs Legions is trying to bring in new things to the people with this newest adventure and we cannot be any more excited for it.

If you too are, you can pre-order the game right now for a discounted price as we cannot assure you for how long this will be in effect.

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