New Rumors Surface About Watch Dogs 3

Rumors have started up for Watch Dogs 3 as E3 gets closer, we’ve been reporting for a while that the next installment is supposedly based in England and now there is more fuel to that rumor as a Reddit post might have leaked more information.

watch dogs 3 rumors

This screenshot above gives a brief about the game and the setting in which we will see Watch Dogs 3. This image seems to be confirming all the rumors that have come before but we still would advise all to take this with a pinch of salt.

The image gives out new information which tells us more about the protagonist in the game will be a woman named Sarah and that the use of lethal weapons will be prohibited, instead, you will need to use other means necessary.

Though this looks to be legit we will have to see if all these rumors come to true in the coming weeks.

As far as we can tell, the game surely will not deviate much from the earlier titles but this new location will bring new challenges to the game and a fresh perspective. We will keep a close eye on the progress of these rumors leading up to E3 and will keep you guys informed as and when we have more details.

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