Watch Dogs 3 Will Be Set In London According to Rumors

Rumors were afloat in recent weeks about Watch Dogs 3 being set in London, and now these rumors are catching heat fast, Kotaku reported yesterday that London could be the new location of the third installment in the series but further details were missing.

There were other reports which claimed that Watch Dogs 3 will feature a lot of melee combat and focus on small weapons and there is a nationwide ban on firearms in England as opposed to the USA.

Before Ubisoft altered the ending of Watch Dogs 2, it pointed to coordinates for Brixton in London.

Though not much is known as of yet, more details will be available during Ubisoft E3 presentation and weeks leading up to it.

Watch Dogs 2 was appreciated more than its prequel and this looks to be taking the franchise into another dimension altogether.

With a U.K. setting, the game will not only look different but also feel completely different.

It will be fun to see how things interact with each other and London being one of the top cities in the world, this will open up new avenues for players to alter their play style and technique.

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