Watch Dogs 3 Legion Features Character Class & Perks

Recruit anyone to take your city back

Watch Dogs 3 Legion is announced during E3 2019, a 10-minute gameplay video revealed the new world of technological advanced controlled by unruly powers. As a Resistance, you will decide to fight against them all by taking help from fellow citizens because everyone has a reason to fight. In Watch Dogs 3 Legion you can almost hire anyone, characters which were NPC’s once are now playable and can be used to complete Operatives.

Characters in Watch Dogs 3 Legion are classified into three classes – Enforcer, Hacker or Infiltrator. These classes will be unlocked during the mission and once you hire anyone from the streets after analyzing their skills you can add assign them one of the three classes and so they will be used for the specific missions.

Enforcers in Watch Dogs 3 Legion are one who is best in melee combat and they can survive tough missions. Hackers are best suited to play quietly without getting into notice and manipulating technology for their benefit. They will use their device to access and control drones, vehicles, etc. Infiltrators are best for stealth-based, they are daring enough to enter restricted regions and use camo or disguise to escape from all kind of situation.

Characters will also have Perks, they are like special abilities that will offer you additional strength in dealing with enemies in the world of Watch Dogs 3 Legion. As we had seen in the walkthrough video perks are unlocked on the Level basis, for example, one of the characters an old lady who is a veteran can unlock a Perk Attract at Level 5 that allows her to use a Spiderbot to attract nearby guards.

Another important thing to look upon is Operative Traits when you hire an NPC you will see ar they worth enough for your missions. You can check their background and find out what they are best at. Like an NPC Trait Addicted to Adrenaline can offer 100% Damage, Drone Expert can offer +40% Drone Damage, etc.

Watch Dogs Legion is releasing on March 6, 2020 and its available for pre-order. The game is coming for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia.