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How to Invite Friends To Watch Videos on Amazon Prime

Do you have a Amazon Prime subscription, then here is a way to share your favorite series with Friends and Family without sharing login details.

We can play games together with distant friends via Multiplayer Online mode. Games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant, etc are crafted with an idea to let players play without sitting next to each other. The era of LAN gaming is almost over, now we have online multiplayer. But what about Binge Watching, Netflix or Amazon, almost every gamer has one of the subscription on your PC, Laptop or Console. So can you watch Amazing Prime videos with friends? without giving them login details, or buying multiple accounts? The answer is yet, right-now restricted to a region you can invite up to 100 people to join your Amazon Prime watch party.

How to share Amazon Prime videos?

Amazon is testing Watch Party Beta a fun new way of enjoying your favorite show with friends and family. No need to be together in one place, and there is a limit of adding up to 100 people to the watch party. That is simply amazing, this feature of Amazon Prime is in the Beta stage and only works for the US region.

You and your friends will need Amazon Prime membership to access the Watch Party feature. It allows you to watch thousands of movies, TV episodes, and a lot more. To an extent we all miss watching an amazing web series together, enjoying the climax, thrill, and twist. Amazing Watch Party feature is one to built on these grounds letting everyone be together without breaking the rules of social distancing.

Amazon Watch Party also supports Chat Feature, this allows live interaction with everyone. It is limited but there is something to interact with. There is a special tool or plugin required to join the watch party. People with Amazon Prime access just click on the Watch Party icon around the video. Add a custom name and share a Watch Party link to their friends.

As a host you can play, pause, skip, and seek the video. There are some limitations right now Amazon Watch Party feature is not fully implemented but it will be live soon. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Amazon Watch Party FAQ?

1. Do everyone needs Amazon Prime Membership to access Watch Party Link?

  • Yes, users who are not having Prime Membership cannot watch the videos shared via Watch Party link.

2. Can I watch the videos on Mobile or Tablet?

  • Currently, it is a desktop-only feature and does not work on Safari. Amazon Watch Party does not support Fire TV, Smart TV, Game Consoles, Media Players, Mobile Phones, and Tablet.

3. How to host Amazon Watch Party outside US?

  • No option available. Users inside the US can only host or watch together with a valid Prime Membership.

4. When is Amazon Watch Party feature getting live for all?

  • No updates available yet, visit Amazon.com for latest updates.