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Halo Infinite Multiplayer: How To Use & Fly Wasp Rocket?

Read this guide to learn how to fly the Wasp Rocket in Halo Infinite.

The AV-49 Wasp Rocket is one of the most popular vehicles in Halo Infinite, and rightly so. With the ability to carry different types of ammunition and the capability to fly quite high, it’s easy to see why the Wasp is so highly favored by players. Additionally, this rocket is also difficult to acquire, making it even more desirable. If you are one of the many players who are looking to learn how to fly this awesome vehicle, you need not look any further. In this guide, we will show you how you can do so.

How to Use & Fly Wasp Rocket in Halo Infinite?



In order to begin flying the Wasp Rocket in Halo Infinite, you will first need to press the right bumper button on your controller. Likewise, you need to press the left bumper button on your controller to bring the rocket towards the ground.

On the rocket, you will find two different types of weapons. They are dual-shot bullets and dual missiles. You can shoot the dual missiles once every 5 seconds. The dual-shot bullets do not have a cooldown period, so you can shoot them continuously. However, the dual missiles have the ability to eliminate enemies in just one shot. You can cycle between these weapons by pressing the Y button.


Now that you know how to use and fly the AV-49 Rocket Wasp in Halo Infinite, let us check out how to find it in the game

Where to Find Rocket Wasp?

Before anything else, you need to remember that the Rocket Wasp is exclusive only to the Big Team Battle mode in Halo Infinite. You will be able to find it a short while after a match begins. Once it does appear, you will be able to see it in the back of the team’s spawn, on the top of helipads.


You will also need to bear in mind the fact that only one player can enter the cockpit of the Wasp. The other players, however, can stand on the top of the wings if they wish to.

Once you lose the Rocket either to an enemy or due to an explosion, you will find it spawn again in a span of three minutes.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about finding and flying the Rocket Wasp. As you can see, doing so is quite easy, and if you follow the right steps, you too will be airborne in no time!


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