Does Activision removed COD Warzone Solos, When its coming back?

Warzone Solo let you hit the ground alone without having any players but after the new update, it's missing.

If you are trying to play solo in Warzone then here is an important update for you. It has been noticed COD Warzone Solo missions are no longer available. But for what reasons? And the biggest question is when Warzone Solo mode is coming back? You can read in detail about how to play Warzone Solo after the recent patch. There are certain changes we might see it back again in the coming time.

Where is Warzone Solo Mode? Is it removed?

Warzone Missing

It can be a bug or a serious patch by Activision. The short answer to this is yes. Warzone Solo mode has been removed via a recent update. The patch released on January 14, 2021 has applied some major and permanent changes in COD Warzone. I am going to highlight all-important changes you must know before playing Warzone on PC or consoles.

Warzone Solo has been removed after the patch, but new weapons are added to the game. Mini Royale Solo and BR Buy Back Solo option is still active. You will also see zombies in the game. Warzone Jan 14 update has done major changes in the game.

When is Warzone Solo Mode coming back?

Activision has not yet updated about Warzone Solo Mode. It is being unclear when the raw mode will be added back into the game. The options have been either disabled for a while or removed to increase the competitive level. The solo mode was ideal for users who want to try out all the weapons and want a hand on the game maps.

Why Solo Mode is best for Beginners and Pros?

  1. Test all the weapons without fighting competitive players.
  2. No money limit, you can simply buy stuff from the Buy Station and checkout all gadgets and weapons.
  3. Test your skills against UAV’s, deploy a perfect killstreak, and unlock thousands of dollars for free.
  4. Develop your skills by testing out various variants.
  5. The best mode to be ready for Squad based battles.
  6. Drop alone fight, alone.

We will update you soon when is Warzone Solo coming back. How to get this mode active in the game is still a mystery. The game developer never announced they are pulling out the hard-core battle royale mode in the game. But they also added a lot of new stuff which will be hitting this and next month. Zombie mode is one of them with all sets of new weapons.